Thursday, April 14, 2022

The Mennonite of the Living Dead, Amish Ghoul vs. Orgy

Wait!  Mennonite or Amish?  Given this was filmed in 2019, this question is not important.  Huh?  Just go with it. they give you the creeps?  Perhaps they are subjects of your fetishes.  Maybe your anxiety dreams are filled with judgmental bearded men chafing the wheat.  In any case, Clayton Spinney has given us a film that plays havoc with all of this, 2019's "The Mennonite of the Living Dead."

Jeremy (Jefffey S. Mueller) and his wife Stacey (Mor Hall) are in a stalled marriage.  At the urging of their BDSM laden friends, Matt (Marcus Lawrence) and Andrea (Molly Moss) they agree to attend an orgy in a cabin in the middle of the woods.  There will be a lot of sex, sex toys, bondage, and even some homosexual and lesbian experiments.  Before the guests arrive, Matt and Andrea do a weird Goth/BDSM game while Andrea shoves a ***** in Matt's ****.  This causes blood to flow into a pentagram and drip to the basement where it drips on an old Bible.  The Bible belonged to a long dead Amish (Steven Lowry) sap.  When the blood hits it, he rises from the dead and grabs a sickle.  Also joining the orgy are Kevin (Joshua Saunders) and Chastity (Ginger Miroy).

The orgy starts out awkward.  A pizza guy delivers a few pizzas and is then killed by the Amish ghoul.  The ghoul will castrate the poor fellow and use his tally-whacker for a weird Amish practical joke.  Then the ghoul goes after the orgy participants.  Disembowelment and humiliation seem important to this guy, as barn raising may have been a hundred years ago.  One by one the perverted friends fall to a swinging sickle.  Is there anyway to end this horror and survive to the end credits?  Stacey has an of the worst in movie history...but it just may work.

Is this film anymore disrespectful to the Amish than say..."Witness"?  What exactly does go on at these barn raisings that draws every Amish in the village to attend?  Are ghoulish Amish slicing up perverts a staple on the Lancaster, Pennsylvania crime reports?  For the best film about Amish, or Mennonites, over the past few years, see "The Mennonite of the Living Dead."   

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