Friday, April 8, 2022

Easter Bunny Massacre, Death By Chocolate Eggs

Death by chocolate...a neat dessert at Bennigan's?  Yes, and also an original means of murder for a slasher in today's feature, 2021's "Easter Bunny Massacre" (aka "Easter Killing"), directed by Jack Peter Mundy.  A quirky slasher tale in which discriminating horror fans may be able to guess the killer.  Still, some neat babes and hunks highlight this bloody film.  Never before has the Easter Bunny been treated in such a bloody manner.  All this thanks to our buddies at Jagged Edge Productions. 

Terrific slasher plot.  Graduating high school, sultry babes and handsome hunks go on a camping trip.  Heather (Antonia Willhans), clad in a leopard print tight party gown and her mates drink, do ecstasy, and make-out.  Uh oh...Heather knows a secret about each one of them that makes them all susceptible to blackmail.  During drunken revelry, Heather is murdered by a fiend in a bloody bunny mask.  No one has a memory of what happened, thus Heather's killer is a mystery to all her friends.  One year later, all her surviving mates, who dumped her body and never mention her, receive Easter invitations to a wooded cabin for a party weekend. The idiots agree to attend...mistake.  All, except one, Zara (Sarah Alexandra Marks), who mysteriously committed suicide six months previous.

The reunion is tense, to say the least.  The nubile and sultry Amy (May Kelly) brings her brother, Marty (Lee Hancock) and Neil (Tom Nguyen) brings his sultry GF Maria.  Uh oh...someone is dropping Easter eggs containing riddles.  The babes and hunks are panicked because it appears they are left by the dead Heather.  The clues get threatening and demand the killer confess or everyone dies, one by one.  No one confesses, and one by one, the babes and hunks are murdered by this fiend in a bloody bunny mask.  Good for the makers of this film, many of the babes are dressed quite alluringly, in either tight party dresses or leather pants...not quite wilderness attire...I guess if they're going to die horribly, may as well have them look stunning.  One by one they go.  Guns, baseball bats, chocolate (you'll see), and rope will be utilized in some neat murder scenes.

Is Heather really dead...or Zara?  Will Amy in her leather pants or Janey (Sarah T. Cohen) in her tight party dress be deemed too beautiful to die horribly?  Okay, dumb question.  Will there be bloody hook-ups or overdue catfights as the friends fall?  A stunning cast with some nice kills, and an ambitious final reveal make "Easter Bunny Massacre" one of the best slasher films of the 21st century. 


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