Thursday, April 28, 2022

Sweet Karma, From Russia with Hate

Yep...human trafficking!  White slavery!  Yawn!  Oh, excuse me.  I'm supposed to be outraged and care.  Well, I don't!  When The White House, the U.S. Congress, the pathological liar of a FBI director, Big Hollywood, and every pedophiliac celebrity tells me to care about something...I get suspicious.  So, no United Nations...and no, Angelina Jolie...I will not get worked up about a problem you want me to get worked up about.  Now give me a sultry Russian babe who can exotic dance with the best...then I'll pay some attention.  Today we look at 2009's "Sweet Karma," directed by Andrew Thomas Hunt.

Big bad Russian organized crime peeps have a racket going in Canada.  In Russia, a lady lures babe Russians to apply for work in Canada.  She fixes them up with a burlesque license and tells them they can earn big rubles in Toronto cleaning houses.  They get to Canada and are herded by thugs and forced to prostitute themselves and work as strippers.  Mute Russian babe Karma (Shera Bechard...Playboy model) is upset.  Her sister, Mavra (Laura McLean) took the offer and now is no more.  Desiring bloody revenge, Karma murders the Russian woman and flies to Toronto.

Desiring to get in with the criminal organization that takes in these Russian girls and killed her sister, Karma poses as a, sorry...exotic dancer.  There she begins murdering the gang members.  No hesitation...she just blows them by one.  No sentimentality or weak moments...just boom!  They're blown away.  She goes through Russian mobsters like crap through a goose.  After putting a severe dent in Justin Trudeau's voting bloc, Karma continues her murder rampage with a bit of seduction attached.  All seems too easy.  Not quite.  She'll meet a hunk undercover  cop, William (John Tokatlidis).  He is a hunk and the two have a brutal relationship that ends up being a friendship.  Uh oh...orgies of revenge rarely go smoothly and things are about to turn upside down for our beautiful angel of vengeance.

Ms. Bechard never made any other film...just this one.  She preferred to focus on modeling, including in Playboy.  She is quite the babe and blows (figuratively)  every other exotic dancer and prostitute away in this film.  Will Vladimir Putin send Karma to The Ukraine to blow away Zelensky?  What will Justin Trudeau do if all the sex workers in Canada are freed and go back to Russia?  Is a mute babe heroine the way to go for the next great action hero?  Alluring, erotic, and incredibly brutal, see "Sweet Karma."   


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