Saturday, April 16, 2022

Reality Terror Night, Ghosts vs Babes

"Ghosts vs. Babes" is the name of the reality show being shot in today's film.  Bikini babes to be more exact.  Bikini babes who jiggle and scream...pure ditzes.  Five of them...all in great peril.  They dance together, seduce the film crew, undress a lot, and die very nicely.  Today's feature is 2013's "Reality Terror Night," directed by Jacov Bresler.  Pure gratuitous sleaze, some horror mixed in, and then more gratuitous sleaze.  Hey!  It beats any of this year's Oscar winning films.

Many years ago, Dr. Othello Lazarus (Martin Kove) was found out.  The successful doctor abducted beautiful women and dissected them on a slab in his laboratory.  His goal was to cut out their best parts and recreate his dead wife.  Happens.  Othello is long since dead and Sara (Katherine Norland) is producing a TV reality show called "Babes and Ghosts."  It will be set in the mansion Othello did his dirty deeds.  Of course, the mansion is said to be is.  Five bikini babes are cast as the nubiles who will look for the ghosts of the dead women while jiggling and screaming in their bikinis.  The beauties are Roxy (Joanna Zanella), Tina (Lucy Treadway), Summer (Shana May Jackson), Martha (Maribel Montalvo), and Amy (Connie Chen).

Others of interest are hunk co-producers, Greg (Olive Rayon) and Matilda (Maris Croatto).  The festivities begin and immediately Sara is possessed by Othello's ghost.  Then there is the hunk photographer, Jojo (Vincent Rivera).  He has his favorite...Roxy.  The two find every opportunity for make-out and sex sessions.  The girls jiggle and giggle and will even look for ghosts.  Uh oh...the only ghost is Othello's and he wants all the bikini babes gutted or slashed.  Uh oh again, the sultry Matilda, Jojo, and Greg aren't safe either.  The possessed Sara is brutal and the bikini babes will hardly be able to put up any resistance...but they do gratuitous nicely.

Of the five bikini contestants, will any of them survive until the end credits?  Isn't "Babes and Ghosts" something you would watch over the imbecilic "90 Day Fiancé."?  Will Othello's wife ever get built and will she have say over which boobs will be used?  Important questions, I know.  For some gratuitous fun and gore see "Reality Terror Night." 

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