Saturday, April 30, 2022

Assault on Paradise, Indian Madman and his Crossbow

We have a neat one today.  They type of film that would never be made today.  But in was fair game.  You have to love the 1970s.  After the 1970s, we could put man on the, NASA is irrelevant and incompetent.  In the 1970s political correctness had not taken hold.  Today, political correctness halts anything worthwhile.  Let us dive into "Assault on Paradise" (on TubiTV as "Maniac!"), directed by Richard Compton.

Victor (Paul Koslo) is an Indian upset that rich white men developers have stolen native land and built housing developments and malls.  Armed with a high-powered crossbow, grenades, and assorted other non-traditional weapons, he goes on a killing spree.  He murders a great-looking couple necking in a parked car, several cops at a police station massacre, and a babe playing tennis.  This is just the beginning.  He demands a payment of $1million from developer William Whitaker (Stuart Whitman).  Whitaker calls hired killer, Nick (Oliver Reed), to solve the problem.  He arrives and is totally useless.  He'll meet TV reporterette Cindy (Deborah Raffin).  She demands he tell her what is going on.  He buys her a drink and has pre-marital sex with her instead...that's fine with her.

Victor keeps killing cops with his crossbow and grenades, and even performs a massacre at the town's parade.  Nick tells Whitaker to pay up and does nothing except have pre-marital sex with the sultry TV infobabe.  Finally, Nick decides to do something...he springs a tracker (James Mitchum) out of jail to help him track down the mad Indian.  The tracker?  Useless...knows nothing.  Hence more are murdered.  Victor puts on war paint, dresses like he is going to a costume party as Chief Jay Strongbow, and yells about the wind...really.  Cindy and Nick continue to have sex as Cindy is incapable of putting any kind of story together.  Whitaker yells at Nick to do his job and earn his money.  Nick just blames everyone else (I guess he used to work for the government).  Meanwhile, more are murdered and grenades blow up, arrows fly, and Cindy has a few more kinky moves.

Is this a metaphor for the fight over casino rights that took place in the American southwest between Indian tribes and the corrupt federal government?  Would this have been a box office hit if Chief Jay Strongbow played the psycho Indian instead of some schmuck who looked more like Leif Erickson?  Is Cindy a good metaphor for how bad most infobabe TV reporterettes are?  Don't appreciate my non-PC review...tough!  Enjoy "Assault on Paradise."  Remember, it is on TubiTV as "Maniac!"  

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