Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Skylines, Hey! Rhona Mitra is in it!

She is!  There is nothing like Rhona Mitra firing machine guns and pistols and murdering monsters.  We just don't get enough of this lately.  As billions of monsters converge on her, she heads right at them with her guns.  You just can't beat this.  This is what James Cameron's "Titanic" lacked.  So, today's feature, 2020's Skylines, directed by Liam O'Donnell.  The rest of the movie?  Well...did I mention Rhona Mitra and her machine guns and pistols?

The plot.  I have no idea.  I, like most of you, steered clear of the first four "Skyline" films.  From what I gather, Rose (Lindsey Morgan) is a tough babe who is half Harvester alien.  Harvesters?  The bad aliens.  She is haunted by her past even though she saved humanity...don't ask, you'd probably have to see those other movies.  She will be matched with a bunch of hunks including the buff Leon (Jonathan Howard). They will be sent to the Harvesters' planet to retrieve a core...don't ask.  Meanwhile, Dr. Mal (Mitra), a heavily armed doctor is working to find a cure for a disease killing the pilots.  The pilots?  You know, they fly things or introduce TV series...but they're good and we don't want them to die.

Okay, Rose and her team get to the alien planet and find themselves fighting more than one monster species.  She'll use weird weapons that grow out of her to fight tentacled monsters.  Back on earth, Dr. Mal has to grab firearms and ward off billions of enemy alien invaders.  May I say, Ms. Mitra has very toned arms, and they come through here.  Massive weird spaceships, laser weapons, bombs, menacing tentacles, and the good old fashioned knife.  These two battlefronts will merge into an explosive and vicious conclusion.

Though on the same side, will Rhona Mitra engage in a catfight with Lindsey Morgan?  Does Rhona Mitra ever run out of ammunition?  Does the plot even matter when Rhona Mitra has multiple firearms and kills many monsters?  I somehow think not seeing the first four "Skyline" movies may be an advantage in enjoying this one.  See "Skylines" and enjoy the show and Rhona Mitra.


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