Monday, November 16, 2020

Terror at Bigfoot Pond, Gritty Terror and Skinny-Dipping

Okay, so this film only got a 1.0/10 rating on IMDB. Yes, I know, when the skinny-dipping scene occurs, we are all yelling, "Put those clothes back on!" Yes, the bigfoot creature looks like a cross between an Ewok and Twiki, from "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century." But! Who is to say Bigfoot really doesn't look like Twiki? Also, this is a much better film than "Jupiter Ascending" or the new "Wonder Woman" monstrosity. Today we look at 2020's "Terror at Bigfoot Pond," directed by David Rambaldi.

The plot? Fine. A group of college kids go camping in the New Mexico wilderness. They drive off road to Bigfoot Pond (a puddle, really) and immediately go skinny-dipping. No eroticism here, just awkwardness. Of all the college kids, for some reason, we like Kelly (Emerald Albritton) the best. She'll be naked a lot either skinny dipping or in the throes of pre-marital sex. In fact, all our college chums will engage in pre-marital sex. Too bad...if they have seen these kind of movies, they would have refrained from both. Darryl (Tome Trujillo), a percussion maven, will beat a makeshift drum and the gals will all dance topless around a campfire...oh, those college kids!

Then as they place a cooler near the woods, Twiki, I mean Bigfoot (Thomas Vigil) arrives. Tommy (Marcus DeVries) and Karen (Shoshana Gilbert) shun the tent idea and set up an air mattress by the pond (puddle, actually).  As Karen mounts Tommy, both yell out in ecstasy, Bigfoot attacks and kills them. Yes! Now Bigfoot, protecting his pond (puddle, actually) starts a brutal rampage that will leave many of the college kids in horrifying shock. Panicked and on the run, Bigfoot tracks them down and discombobulates them. Those that survive must deal with the remote New Mexico wilderness and a pursuing angry cryptoid.

Christopher Nolan spends hundreds of millions to bore the snot out of us. David Rambaldi entertains us for less that a 100 grand. Haters will hate, but congratulations to David and his cast for having fun, making a horror film, and showing us a good time for 90 minutes. Instead of putting on a preachy and idiotic Marvel or DC superhero film, see "Terror at Bigfoot Pond" (puddle, actually).


  1. Thanks for such a nice review. If you would like a copy of the script, let me know where to email it. All the best, David Rambaldi, Writer/Director, Terror at Bigfoot Pond

    1. David!!!! TYSM...I would be address is Chris Zisi, 11205 Katerina Dr. South., Fredericksburg, VA 22408

    2. Wait, he's giving out scripts???
      I want in.

    3. Hi, Chris. I'll get a script out to you this week.

      Jeff, what's your email address, I'll send you one too...