Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Star Hunter, Cheerleaders and Jocks Hunted

Cheerleaders and jocks hunted by an alien! It gets better...this is a straight to video masterpiece by Fred Olen Ray. With a great looking cast and a predator-ripoff antagonist, this film is going to provide a lot of fun. With cheesecake and beefcake in much peril, with some classic science fiction themes, 1996's "Star Hunter" is a film that is perfect for a Saturday evening movie night. Directed by Fred Olen Ray and Cole S. McKay, "Star Hunter" will also add in a couple big names.

Missing the bus after a game, three football jocks and two cheerleaders must take the short bus driven by Mrs. Marsh (Stella Stevens). The bus gets lost in the hood. Uh oh...the hood has been cleared out by an alien hunter and his guide (Roddy McDowell). Now Marsh, two cheerleaders, Carrie (Rebecca Budig) and Leslie (Alexander Keith), and three jocks, the pot smoking Cooper (Zack Ward), Pichel (Kenn Scott), and Spivak (Sean P. Donahue), are lost in a hunting ground. Riecher (McDowell) lures them into his warehouse with the promise of calling them a cab. In reality, Riecher is prepping them for a hunt in which a predator like thing will chase them down and decapitate them.

After false pleasantries, the six are on the run. The predator thing chases them and kills Marsh...and takes her head. Leslie is the more frisky cheerleader and Carrie seems to have the brains. The jocks...well, they're jocks. The great looking prey is hardly a match for this seasoned intergalactic hunter. But wait! The pot smoking Cooper is now possessed by an alien tracker (Ray), who is attempting to capture or kill the predator and Riecher. Now the tracker helps our surviving gang, but he won't be able to save them all from the ruthless alien. As jocks and cheerleaders face decapitation, Carrie man's up to mount an offensive against the hunters.

Is there a chance in Hell that the frisky, and half naked Leslie will survive? Will our intergalactic tracker be of any help to our jocks and cheerleaders? Is a rifle wielding cheerleader too good of a character to die at the hands of a ripoff predator? This is a fun one and the cast is very good looking. For some good cheerleader and jock science fiction action and carnage, see "Star Hunter."   


  1. Fred Olen Ray was THE man for taking sci-fi & action hit premises and making no-budget versions. Interesting to see Roddy McDowell was in this -- going to look it up.

  2. BS knows his stuff, a tame plot compared to Babes and Smucks in Space... goes to show, never underestimate those tempting boobies.