Friday, November 20, 2020

Shark Encounters of the Third Kind, UFO, Aliens, and Sharks

Okay, look at 2020's "Shark Encounters of the Third Kind" as an orgasmic love letter from the Polonia brothers to fans of SHARKENSTEIN . Bikini babes in great peril! UFOs and aliens! Treasure hunters! There will be plenty of shark attack carnage and limbs will go flying. Alas, beautiful babes in bikinis won't fare well, but as a whole, this film is so very edifying.

An alien spacecraft blows away the International Space Station (no great loss) and secretes itself in the ocean beside a resort area. Sloan (Jeff Kirkendall) is a treasure hunter who has an illegal operation going beside Smash-Up Island to recover gold from a sunk U-Boat. Sharks eat his diver and will also eat a snorkeling bikini babe. Also, weird Camilla (Natalie Himmelberger) is burying a cat...don't ask.  The sultry Dr. Kay (Jennie Russo) has taken over her dad's practice. Now she oversees a group of patients who have all been abducted by UFOs and probed. One of her patients, Nesbo (Steve Diasparra), tries to tell Dr. Kay about a current alien invasion.  As another bikini babe is chewed up by sharks, harbor patrol cop Alan (Titus Himmelberger) investigates.

As Dr. Kay begins to see evidence of an alien invasion, Alan takes his boat and goes after the treasure hunters. He'll also come into deadly conflict with mean aliens. Now the sharks, controlled by the aliens, roam beaches and the oceans for human food. Uh oh...Nesbo knows the secret of the lost treasure off Smash Up Island and it is shocking.  The aliens get more aggressive and so are the sharks. Sloan resorts to depth charges and Alan finds an unlikely weapon to fight the invasion. The sultry Dr. Kay and Alan will team up and the conclusion of this film will be wild, bloody, and explosive.

What is the ultimate plan for the aliens? Will Dr. Kay and Alan fall in love or do the aliens have special plans for the nubile Earth-babe? What is the secret of the U-Boat treasure that so many divers have been eaten for? Gritty reality and some nice tips of the hat to "Jaws 2." "Shark Encounters of the Third Kind"  is a couple levels above "Jaws," and the introduction of UFOs and aliens prove that. Directed by Mark Polonia, "Shark Encounters of the Third Kind" is a must see for fans of shark films.

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  1. Wow and triple wow!!!! Almost as good as Muppets pigs in space