Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Dr. Jekyll vs. The Werewolf, The Monsters and the Euro-Babes They Shred

So many monsters besetting so many Euro-babes. Mr. Hyde and the werewolf will make so many of these sultry damsels into shredded vixens. From Spain and director Leon Klimovsky, we have the Paul Naschy classic "Dr. Jekyll vs. The Werewolf" from 1972. Euro-trash horror at its best...unless you are a beautiful women...then run...fast. 

The sultry blonde Justine (Shirly Corrigan) and her husband Imre (Jose Marco) honeymoon in his homeland...Transylvania. While visiting his parents' grave, Imre is gutted by three thugs. The trio attack and try to rape Justine, but she is saved by Waldemar (Naschy). He brings her back to his castle and with the help of witch Uswilka Bathory (Elsa Zabala), nurse her back to health. No time for mourning as she quickly falls for Waldemar. Meanwhile, the thugs in town mount a counterattack on the castle and behead Uswilka before Waldemar turns into a werewolf and shreds the attackers. Realizing the current love of her life is a werewolf, she turns to Dr. Henry Jekyll (Jack Taylor). Henry loves Justine and Justine loves him...she loves everyone! Uh oh, Dr. Jekyll's assistant, Sandra (Mirta Miller) also loves Henry and she desires to rip Justine's private parts off.

Henry agrees to help cure Waldemar and has him brought to his clinic. This won't go well as he will turn into a werewolf in the elevator and shred a pretty nurse in white (Marisol Delgado). He'll then run amok in London. Meanwhile, Henry, Justine, and Sandra set up a lab in a deserted mansion and get Waldemar back. Uh oh...Sandra wants Henry and catches him kissing Justine. The sultry assistant will arrange for Waldemar to turn into the werewolf, claw Justine's breasts to shreds, and kill Henry. Uh oh for her...Henry isn't dead. Uh oh for her again, Henry has turned the werewolf into Mr. Hyde (Naschy, still). Now Sandra's womanhood is in much danger...as is every skirt in the London Disco scene. As Hyde/werewolf shred and murder beautiful woman, Justine's mangled body is hung up for torture and fondling.

Will a wounded Henry be able to save the now disfigured Justine? Will Justine have the opportunity to choose between Henry, Waldemar, the werewolf, Mr. Hyde, or (since this is Euro-trash) Sandra? The marring of the incredibly beautiful Justine is tough to watch, and we desire Sandra to be similarly disfigured...funny how these films can work on us. For some erotic and gory horror with many monsters and babes in peril, see "Dr. Jekyll vs. The Werewolf."


  1. I quite like this one and it vies with his Beast and the Magic Sword as my fave Naschy Werewolf flick. Great review Christopher, glad you dug this one

  2. You are shining the light on high European culture, commonly known as Euro Trash, bravo!!!!The moon is out!!