Saturday, November 14, 2020

Circus, Blood-Soaked Shakespeare

Shakespeare enthusiasts realize that we are all actors and actresses on the stage we call life. This begs the question, who is directing? Who wrote the play we are performing. Shakespeare? Why not? How about this...what if Tamora, Queen of the Goths, is in some level of control? She might have an axe to grind and tip the themes from frivolity and comedy to dark and tragic. Today we take a look at Alyson Moon's magnum opus, "Circus." Horror fans will recognize motifs from "Resident Evil, "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre," and "Puppet Master" (to name a few). Shakespeare enthusiasts will see a "Titus Andronicus" influence and be reminded of the literary controversies surrounding Shakespeare's true nature.

Queen Tamora's fingerprints are all over a surreal chain of events that unfold in "Circus." The victim and captive of Titus won't go out quietly and her curse permeates all of Shakespeare's work. Modern day arrives and Shakespeare enthusiasts are at risk. The spirit of the great bard, in all its evil and horrific form, is unleashed. The evil entity seeks to enslave all in the personae of evil Shakespearian clowns. As Gina (Moon) keeps delving into Shakespeare, her life is taken over by the centuries old curse of Tamora. The horrific nature of Shakespeare's most controversial play (...and yes, he did write it) "Titus Andronicus" sets the landscape of Gina's cursed world.

Images of Leatherface, and some horrific settings right out of the "Resident Evil" game will enhance the ghoulish setting.  Disembowelment and torture abound and reinforce Gina's send the evil Shakespeare nature back to the 16th century so we may enjoy the great author as we are supposed to. Tamora is a vengeful spirit. The witch is bent on eternal curses. Only Gina, the nubile and fanatic Shakespeare maven, is equipped to save the future. Her pristine understanding of Stratford's favorite son just may be enough to battle the witch's curse.  

Surreal and horrific, "Circus" utilizes ghosts, witches, monsters, and theater to deliver a powerful tale. Cautionary? Sure. Western civilization's abandonment of classic theater in favor of mainstream entertainment garbage will eventually doom us. Only the pure at heart (in the sense of real drama) will be equipped to save us. A horror tale? Oh'll see as you cover your eyes as images of Leatherface doing what Leatherface does jump out at you. Most of all, this Alyson Moon creation is a plea for our society to rekindle the love and appreciation of Shakespeare and all his plays have to offer.  See "Circus," and either be reaffirmed in your love for Shakespeare, or be turned on to his works.

To purchase CIRCUS click on this link: CIRCUS on Gumroad  The trailer for CIRCUS can be seen on YouTube by clicking this link CIRCUS trailer


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