Sunday, November 22, 2020

Crystal Eyes, Tango Sexploitation

Supermodels shredded with shards of glass! Supermodels shredded with a razor! Supermodels drowned in their own bathtubs! Supermodels shredded as they prepare for lesbian sex! Supermodels drilled and impaled! The beautiful will die so horribly. You might think you are watching a Giallo film from the early 1970s. Not quite. Argentina gives us 2017's "Crystal Eyes." This homage to early 1970s Giallo is blood red striking. The sets will bring you back to the 1970s and the sultry supermodel victims will do more than hint at Giallo horror. Directed by Leandro Montejano and Ezequile Endelman, "2017's "Crystal Eyes" is an uber-erotic Neo Giallo film. Don't cry for Argentina...cry for its sultry babes! 

Sultry supermodel/b***h Alexis (Camilla Pizzo) is the closing model on an artys/erotic fashion show for a Nuevo-trendy line by Lucia (Silvia Montanari). Alexis is filled with drugs and alcohol and everyone hates her...she's that beautiful. A weird accident causes her to go up in flames during her catwalk and die horribly. A year later, even though no one liked her, Lucia and her models decide to do a tribute fashion show in her honor. The deal is the best supermodel will get to wear a line of gowns Alexis wore in her fatal catwalk. Lucia is mean and through flashbacks we realize the reasons the beautiful rivals hated Alexis were justified.

Now the models are in competition to claim top model honors from their dead cohort. Yep...the bloody carnage begins. The super beautiful Irene (Erika Boveri) is chased down in a parking garage by a tall mannequin like fiend, wearing a black raincoat...and drilled to death.  A decapitation will follow, then a wonderfully erotic, horrific, and choreographed scene in which Lucia's two sultry assistants (Augistina Del Rosal and Victoria Del Rosal) will be horribly murdered as they prepare for sex. Eva (Anahi Politi) looks like what she has to be a final-girl and even dyes her hair blonde to look like Alexis. But! She's still breathing halfway through the film so she might also be the killer. As the macabre tribute approaches, the models keep getting pureed. The mannequin like specter in the raincoat wields the razor so well, and our beauties are no match for her...or him? It's Giallo after all!

Might a horribly burned Alexis still be alive? Is one of Alexis' rivals the maniacal, razor-wielding killer? Will Edwige Fenech make a cameo appearance...perhaps in a love or bath scene? This is a wildly erotic slasher film. Stylish and ominous, "Crystal Eyes" will break your heart if you get too attached to any of the beauties in the cast. Oh of the best death scenes ever put on film is included in this film. When a beauty is impaled on stage, it will be such a beautiful'll see. Enjoy "Crystal Eyes," and get your fill of Argentinian beauties...albeit, blood soaked Argentinian beauties.

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  1. Wow, I was watching those Brazilian a** lickers last night, impaled by a tongue, ouch!!!!