Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Invasion of the Blood Farmers, Druid Mayhem and Agriculture

Oh, those Druids! They show up and there goes the neighborhood. First pets begin disappearing then all of a sudden nubile babes are abducted. This is easy to understand. Nubile babes are perfect for virgin sacrifices (never mind if they really are virgins), or as vessels for the reincarnated spirit of a long lost druid deity. This happens in the countryside in the United Kingdom all the time. Now, we have a film that brings this horror to America's heartland. Today we look at 1972's "Invasion of the Blood Farmers," directed by Ed Adlum.

A cult of weird druids descends on rural New York. They take over the Whitaker farm and drain the Whitakers of their blood. A town drunk stumbles into a bar and explodes. A beautiful blonde is drained of her blood which is collected by these druids. The nubile Jenny (Tanna Hunter) frolics in the fields with her fiancĂ©, Don (Bruce Detrick).  The romance is interrupted as Don, a blood scientist, collects some of the exploding drunk's blood. He and Jenny's dad, Dr. Roy (Norman Kelly) analyze the blood and find it reproduces. A drop becomes a teaspoon, which becomes a pint, which becomes a gallon, etc. The reproducing blood may be the key to who has invaded the farming community and why.

Meanwhile, weird druids murder the local citizenry. The weird cult loves murdering pretty women (they must be Italian). In one heartbreaking scene, honeymooners are getting ready to have marital sex for the first time. The blonde bride (Lucy Grant) is murdered in her lingerie while her new husband is bludgeoned in the shower. Back to the plot. The druids need to find the perfect donor for their dead queen. Queen Onhorrid (Cynthia Flemming), a blonde babe in a glass coffin, needs blood to come back to life. Yep, the nubile Jenny is the donor. Now the druids set their sights on this pretty blonde as her fiancé and dad remain pretty clueless.

Will Jenny's blood be siphoned out and given to Queen Onhorrid? Will Don and Dr. Roy look up from their test tubes long enough to realize Jenny is in mortal danger? Couldn't the druid weirdos have been more creative when they found the lingerie clad bride in her marital bed? This is classic early 1970s drive-in. Pretty damsels will die horribly even when the deaths have nothing to do with the plot. For some B movie fun, see "Invasion of the Blood Farmers" and reassess your relationships with the pagans in your life.

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  1. Nice Chris! You know nubile women during that time as virgins were somewhat of a rarity!