Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Food of the Gods, Giant Rats!

A Bert I. Gordon epic from American International Pictures...need I say more?  Loosely based on a portion of an H.G. Wells' story, 1976's "The Food of the Gods" is another horror story of when nature rebels.  As was the theme in many 1970s films, pollution is the culprit here.  With an all-star cast (okay, Marjoe Gortner may not be an all-star), and big rats, giant chickens (and they are a hoot...or a cluck), gargantuan wasps, and over-sized maggots, our film today is a lot more fun than an episode of "The Love Boat."
Morgan (Gortner), a pro football player, and Brian (Jon Cypher) go to an island for some horseback riding.  While riding, their buddy is picked off by wasps...big wasps.  Seeking help, they arrive at a cabin occupied by Mrs. Skinner (Ida Lupina).  There, Morgan is very fortunate to get away from Skinner's chickens, which are as big as horses.  Skinner advises them that a pool, of liquid coming out of the ground, mixed with feed, makes animals bigger.  Enter the nubile Lorna (Pamela Franklin) and her boss Jack (Ralph Meeker).  These two want to buy the stuff, and make lots of big cattle to feed the starving third-world.  At least Jack wants that...Lorna, after seeing Morgan, only wants pre-marital sex with a pro-footballer.

Too late, the rats decide that humans taste better than the gunk coming from the ground.  Uh oh, Rita (Belinda Balaski) and Tom (Tom Stovall) also join our peeps.  Rita is in labor and doesn't want her newborn eaten by monster rats.  Now trapped, Morgan comes up with a plan.  It should be noted that Morgan's previous plans were dismal failures.  As Lorna makes her desire for pre-marital sex known to Morgan, he now seems invigorated,  Not all of our schmucks will survive, but the promise of a cheap hotel room on the mainland, and an amorous Lorna may just be the inspiration Morgan needs to come up with a competent plan to kill the rats.
So, for all you Marjoe Gortner fans...or fans of giant man-eating creatures, "The Food of the Gods" is the film for you.  Next time you throw your your Pepsi can into the river, beware...nature always finds a path to revenge.


  1. I just reviewed a Marjoe Gortner telemovie two weeks ago. He could play Matthew McConaughey's dad in some film. It is uncanny. I saw this film years ago. Very campy and I am beginning to wonder if you have an obsession with large animals, Christopher! ;) Terrific review.

  2. animals rights activit must go to that forest