Thursday, April 6, 2017

Pinata Survival Island, More College Babes and Hunks Slaughtered

Hot sorority babes! Buff fraternity hunks! A deserted island! A scavenger hunt for underwear! A cranky monster!  Booze...pot...pre-marital sex...decapitations...disembowelment...and much more ( if there needs to be more). Also, though not top-billed, this film includes a stellar performance by Lara Wickes (aka Lara Boyd Rhodes).  Ms. Wickes, as doomed Lisa, is a stunning blonde beauty put through horror and tortuous carnage throughout the entire film.
The doomed Lisa
Sorority babes and fraternity hunks converge on a deserted island for the traditional Cinco de Mayo scavenger hunt (...for underwear).  I know, don't those college kids ever watch these films.  The rules of the hunt are weird.  Boy is paired up with girl, and they are handcuffed together.  Tina (Jaime Pressly) and Kyle (Nicholas Brendon) are paired up, and are also BF and GF on the outs.  Oh yes, we learn of a backstory of a centuries old evil pinata (...yes pinata), which has just washed ashore.  The kids hit the island seeking boxers and other undies.  Lisa (Wickes) and Bob (Robert Tena) find the pinata, and foolishly try to break it open, releasing a very evil force.  Bob pays right away as his head is crushed, and the petrified Lisa is on the run.  Her torment will be bloody and fatal, I'm afraid.
The bickering Tina and Kyle
The evil panata is a demon with hooves, and it goes on a murderous rampage.  As Lisa runs, the fiend disposes of a very amorous Connie (Tressa DiFiglia) and Larry (Aeryk Egan) in gory fashion.  As the other babes and hunks start finding body parts, the survivors attempt to escape.  Not so fast, the demon has destroyed their boats.  A nice decapitation and disembowelment ensue, and Tina and Kyle must find all the survivors, and attempt to turn the tables on their evil tormentor.
The evil pinata
Will Kyle and Tina put their petty spat aside and team up to kill the monster pinata. In addition to shredding the fair Lisa (alas, her demise was hardly a quick one), does the pinata have any other plans for this nubile coed?  Is this film a mere metaphor for the carnage that the college Greek system inflicts upon the images of females in sororities? A far fetched plot and far fetched pinata monster are compensated by a party-like plot speed, with lots of gore and great looking characters.  100% enjoyable, catch "Pinata Survival Island" (aka "Demon Island" and "Survival Island"), and avoid the dull summer blockbusters coming out next month.  


  1. This sounds like it could be a reality show in the future. My spring breaks were NEVER like this! It sounds like a crazy B movie that is campy but fun. Good review, Christopher!