Friday, April 7, 2017

I See You, Another Meosha Bean Shocker

She's sleek.  Sexy. Confident! ...and great at what she does.  Our leather jacket clad darling may be a heroine...or a villain.  See, she's a thief, you could say.  Breaking into places and stealing items is what she does.  As our short film (just under 10 minutes) begins, our gal (played by this film's director Meosha Bean) is breaking into a a dark house.  However good she is, Murphy's Law applies to her as well, as the electricity has been turned off.
Ms. Bean
Remember Francis Ford Coppola's "The Conversation," starring Gene Hackman?  A very weird suspense yarn.  Hackman played a guy who bad guys paid top dollar to bug rooms.  The creepy part of this film is when it was revealed that someone even more seedier and capable than Hackman turned the tables on him.  "I See You" is a film in the style of this Coppola near classic.  Soon after entering the premises, our gal realizes that a sinister force is in the house with her.
How does a smooth and talented young lady perform when the tables have been turned on her in a very dark and creepy setting?  As the lass begins to fall apart, her new nemesis is emboldened.  Will our heroine (or anti-hero) recover and prove to be a worthy opponent to an unseen force?  This short horror flick (many will term it a thriller) is filled with suspense and mystery.  The ending is a shocker, which is the norm for Meosha Bean films.  Also kudos to Kinter Ferguson, who wrote and co-directed this film.
To view "I See You" click on this link I See You

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