Saturday, April 8, 2017

Saturn 3, A Charlie's Angel in much Peril

Farrah Fawcett was, at best, a mediocre actress.  However, the first season of "Charlie's Angels" made her an A-list celebrity.  Interestingly enough, that hit 1970s TV show was sandwiched by two science fiction hit films, also starring Ms. Fawcett.  "Logan's Run" and today's feature, 1980's "Saturn 3."  With Ms. Fawcett, this much maligned film had a powerhouse cast, also featuring Kirk Douglas and Harvey Keitel...and a bloodthirsty killer robot.
Adam (Douglas) has it good.  He runs an experimental food lab on one of Saturn's moon.  This lab produces food for a famine plagued Earth.  His only companion is Alex (Fawcett). The two are quite fond of each other, and have lots of pre-marital sex together, take lots of showers together, and slap each other's naked bodies...and then more pre-marital sex.  Uh oh...Benson (Keitel) arrives.  He was sent by the company to help out...but how?  Immediately he hits on Alex and asks her for sex...understandable.  The gentleman that he is, he even offers Alex a date-rape drug so she wouldn't be aware of the ensuing intercourse.  She refuses, and Adam develops a dislike for his new rival.

Benson has brought a robot with him, which he builds in the lab.  The robot is fused with real brain tissue, and our third party infuses his own brain's thoughts into the robot's. Hector is the robot's name and it knows Benson is a lunatic.  With Benson's thoughts, Hector desires pre-marital sex with Alex, as well.  As Alex continues to thwart Benson's crude advances, Hector's advances are a bit more violent.  Uh oh...Benson turns out to be a psycho killer, but Hector proves to be even more dangerous. With two lovelorn intruders, Adam's life expectancy takes a hit.  Will Adam be able to save Alex from a fate worse than death?  With human brain tissue, will Hector be able to mate with the nubile Alex?
This is a snazzy looking scifi flick...and not only because of our stunning damsel.  Hector, the monster robot is menacing and the scenes of the Saturn moon are eerie. Whether nude, in white lingerie, or leather pants, Ms. Fawcett is a very capable spacebabe.  For some gratuitous fun and suspense, check out "Saturn 3," directed by Stanley Donen. Remember, in the future, not only are all men pigs, but all robots are also.
NOTE: If you can, find the scene, deleted from most cuts, of Douglas and Fawcett on Ecstasy as Ms. Fawcett is clad in a black leather dominatrix outfit.

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