Friday, April 14, 2017

Mary, Mary, Bloody Mary, Stunning Bisexual Vampire Attacks Mexico

Christina Ferrare may most notably be known as the wife of John DeLorean. The Italian/American beauty was a model for Max Factor before she signed on with the Ford Agency. After gracing the covers of several fashion mags, Ms. Ferrare began a film career.  This beauty was beat out by Jaclyn Smith, in 1976, for a leading role in "Charlie's Angels." The alluring actress turned in a very unusual performance in 1975's "Mary, Mary, Bloody Mary."  Is she a diminutive beauty victimized by monsters? she the monster?
The beautiful damsel Mary (Ferrare) breaks down and finds shelter in an abandoned house on a stormy night.  Wouldn't you know it, Ben (David Young) has also hunkered down there.  Mary takes an immediate liking to Ben.  This may or may not be good news for our hunk, as Mary is a vampire. We see Mary seduce, and boy can she seduce, her prey, drug them, and then drink their blood.  These seductions usually come with much nudity and the promise of pre-marital sex.  Ben is different.  He has no clue, and doesn't realize that Mary looks at him, not only as an object of lustful desire, but also as a menu item.
Mary is an artist, prancing through Mexico...drinking the blood of the curious.  As Ben moves in with her, she needs to feed.  Enter Greta (Helene Rojo), a very sexy art agent who lusts after Mary. In a moment of carnal hunger, Mary accepts an invitation of an intimate bath with Greta.  During the bath, Mary drugs her and drinks her blood.  The Mexican police and the FBI are hot on the vampire's trail, as the body count is in the dozens.  Uh oh...a mysterious man in black (John Carradine) shows up and starts draining Mexicans.  This menacing vampire is also in pursuit of Mary.  As Mary stays one step ahead of the police, the man in black gets closer.  Oh yeah, Ben still has no clue.  This ignorance on Ben's part may indeed get him eaten.
Can Mary love Ben as something other than a juicy pork chop?  Who is this vampire in black, and what does he want with our nubile heroine...or monster, I should say?  Is being drained of blood by this beautiful vampire worth losing one's life over?  Ms. Ferrare turns in a very steamy performance as a bisexual fiend.  For some quirky, yet very steamy horror from Mexico, see "Mary, Mary, Bloody Mary" directed by Juan Lopez Moctezuma.

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  1. This is the type of thing I am amazed I didn't see on late night tv in the 70s. Christina Ferrare. I haven't thought of her in years! The entire movie seems like a popcorn and a glass of your fav beverage fun. Bisexual vampires? Sounds intriguing but then again, they do get both male and female victims.