Friday, April 1, 2016

Zombie Fight Club, Buxom Asian Women Chased by Zombies

...actually, beautiful, sweaty, buxom, underwear clad Asian babes chased, and usually eaten by zombies!  Do you really need to know anymore?  Made and set in Taipei....2014's "Zombie Fight Club." Bad CGI, even worse dubbing, but a really fun film.  Classic lines galore, for example; when a drug dealer kills an Asian-babe zombie who just so happens to be eating his brother, he yells to her, "He may be chubby, but he's my brother." Unlike many of modern zombie films, this one remains a zombie film without trying to be a soap opera with zombies in the background.
 Plot? Okay, if you insist. As our film begins, we are introduced to several stories in an apartment building. A kidnapping.  An orgy of drug dealers and their babes (soon to be zombie babes). A kindly old professor hosting a birthday party for his hot daughter and her equally hot girlfriends.  A SWAT team on the way to rip-off the druggies.  Oh yeah...a very sudden zombie outbreak.  In the first 15 minutes we grab onto (figuratively) a beautiful courier-girl (Sharon Hsu)...soon to be clad in only her underwear as she weaves in and out of zombies during the outbreak.  Sadly....she doesn't make it.  What prevails is Jenny (Jessica C, aka Jessica Cambensy), a surviving gal from the orgy who teams up with the only good cop, Andy (Andy On).  Also surviving is the Professor Wu (Jack Kao), who turns evil, very soon.
Second half....a year later. Andy and Jenny are captives in an underground empire in which Wu rules. He pits surviving humans against zombies for sport.  He has special plans for Jenny which include having his leather bikini clad concubines rape her.  Jenny's fate will be unimaginable if Andy doesn't escape and help her.  Oh yes...Wu has a daughter (Abby Fung).  The no longer pretty, no longer sweet Nana.  She is now a zombie but Wu won't accept that fact.  What is in store for Jenny, pictured in both photos above?  Will Andy and Jenny find happiness in the post-zombie apocalypse?
If the first sentence of this blog entry doesn't excite you...either will this film.  However, if the increasing soap opera nature of today's zombie films has you ready to give up on the will think this a fun film.  Directed by Joe Chien, "Zombie Fight Club" was made to enjoy, not to impress the artsy film fans at movie houses near college campuses.

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  1. "Bad CGI, even worse dubbing, but a really fun film." You've inspired me to catch this film, I won't even miss Brad Pitt!