Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Little Dead Rotting Hood, Swords, Flame-Throwers and Werewolves

From our buddies at The Asylum....2016's "Little Dead Rotting Hood." This film will be severely maligned, but if a sultry, red-caped, zombie-babe with fangs and a sword taking on a 15 foot CGI werewolf sounds appealing to you, perhaps this film is worth a look.  Throw in a really neat flame-thrower, lots of shotguns, ancient prophecies, and lots of hormonal college kids being shredded for pre-marital sex, and we are in business....oh yes....lots of werewolves.
Leaving out so many important details, suffice it to say Samantha (Bianca A. Santos) is mauled to death by a wolf...then reborn as a guardian against evil shape-shifters (werewolves). Just in time, as a pack of wolves....werewolves actually...descend on Stillwater, Pennsylvania.  Sheriff Adam (Eric Balfour) starts responding to townspeople being eaten by wolves.  Soon, Adam realizes his town has quite a problem and the Pennsylvania State Police arrive to help....big deal! Adam also searches for Samantha, who is listed as missing, and her BF, Danny (Romeo Miller) also searches.  Unbeknownst to Adam and Danny, Samantha is merely getting used to her new role in the universe....to defend humans against evil shape-shifters.
 Also converging on Stillwater is an evil shape-shifter, Becky (Amy Argyle) and her minions.  As Adam takes a posse out looking for a lone wolf responsible for killing great looking college kids, but the hunt doesn't go as planned.  Realizing that his guns and posses are ineffective against the pack, Adam is desperate for strategies to save his town.  With Danny's help, Samantha learns to use her new powers, but she appears to be out-sized by the den-mother werewolf.  All out war will ensue, and the survival of Pennsylvania may just depend on Samantha getting proficient with her sword and new attitude.
Will the inexperienced new guardian, Samantha, be able to overcome a learning curve and defeat a pack of 15 foot werewolves?  Did the increasing immorality of today's college kids lead to this predicament? Is a Freudian version of a classic children's tale more suitable to the modern Common Core curriculum? Fans of films from The Asylum and the Syfy Channel will love "Little Dead Rotting Hood."  Available on Netflix, enjoy this monster movie.

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