Sunday, April 17, 2016

Hush, The Crossbow is Mightier than the iPhone

Not an entirely original plot, a helpless deaf-mute babe beset by a psychopath, but an appealing tale, nonetheless.  Throw in an isolated cabin in the woods and we have a classic theme that never gets least to me.  The first few minutes of this film, by way of warning, is heavy on Apple product placements.  It's as if without Apple products, deaf-mutes would be helpless.  No worries, though, our fiend will go through Apple devices like crap through a goose.  So let us take a peek at 2016's "Hush."
Maddie (Kate Siegel) is a beautiful writer who lost her hearing and voice to meningitis as a teen.  As our film begins we realize that she is extremely intelligent and resourceful...which will be handy when the obligatory psycho enters.  Having just dumped a boyfriend, she is concentrating on her next novel.  Uh oh....a homicidal, crossbow-wielding twerp (John Gallagher, Jr.) enters our plot.  At first, he guts Maddie's friend and neighbor just outside Maddie's door.  Maddie did not hear the carnage, and now Mr. Evil knows he has a deaf babe as his next prey.
After knocking out her power, and rendering her Mac and iPhone useless, he appears to Maddie clad in a mask.  However frightened our protagonist is, she immediately goes into survival mode. Believing he has the upper hand on a handicapped woman, our madman could not be more wrong.  Eventually, Maddie will realize that escape and hiding are not possibilities, leaving her one become a killer, herself.  The final 20 minutes has this film's intensity cranked up a few levels, not only in action and scares...but also in gore.
Will Maddie's new attitude be enough to overcome her murderous tormentor?  Would Galaxy products, in this situation, have been more suited to deal with the Jason Voorhees-type peeps we inevitably come across in our daily lives?  Available on Netflix, brilliantly directed by Mike Flanagan, check out "Hush," a spirited slasher film.  Another word of warning, however tame this film starts off, the blood will be spurting (Japanese style) by the time the end credits role.

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