Thursday, April 21, 2016

Anguish, The Exorcist-Lite

Perhaps a creepy ghost story.  Or maybe an ominous tale of demonic possession.  Or more scientifically, is this a twisted tale of a journey into the mind of a young girl struck with Dissociative Identity Disorder? 2015's "Anguish," based on true events is heavy on the creepy, and our beset protagonist is a spitting image of a young Linda Blair.  In fact, much of this film will remind you of segments of "The Exorcist," and maybe a little of "The Evil Dead."
Teenager Lucy (Amberley Gridley) is mowed down on the road as her mother, Sarah (Karina Logue), helplessly looks on.  Not far away, Jessica (Annika Marks) is dealing with her teenage daughter, Tess (Ryan Simpkins).  Jessica's husband is stationed in the middle-east and she has her hands full. Tess is heavily medicated for all sorts of disorders, such as anxiety, depression, and disruptive behavior disorder.  One day, Tess comes across a roadside memorial to Lucy....and something happens.  It's as if a part of Lucy has entered Tess, and Tess seems to be able to sense Lucy's demise.
Tess begins acting weird (an understatement), as the spirit of Lucy seems to be pursuing her.  When her priest, Father Meyers (Ryan O'Nan) visits Lucy in a psyche ward, he is convinced a demon has taken residence inside her.  Having no knowledge of Lucy, before, Tess is drawn to Lucy's mom. Soon, Tess has apparently been completely taken over by Lucy.  Bad news for Lucy, her mom desires her to move on and find rest.  Bad news for Tess' Mom, Jessica.....Tess is not eager to return.  Is Tess' problem medical?  Is Father Meyer's suggestion of an exorcism a prudent one?  Can Lucy stay, and if so, what will become of Tess?  As much as this is a film about Tess, the plight of Sarah and Jessica is also key to this heartbreaking plot.
Ominous and creepy to the max, "Anguish" is intense and without humor.  Fear not, many of the questions above are answered, though the ending may also be the beginning of another story.  Available on Netflix, and nicely directed by Sonny Mallhi, see "Anguish."

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