Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Night of the Wild, Fifi becomes Lucifer

Those who despise made for Syfy films by The Asylum, will hate 2015's "Night of the Wild." That's fine, so all those, like me, who love the stuff...stay tuned. Perhaps many will compare this film to "Day of the Animals," but a more accurate description may be, this is Syfy's remake of Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds." Instead of macaws and crows...we have Fifi, Fido, and Spot....or more accurately, Lucifer, Satan, and Killer.
Plot? Here goes. A glowing green meteor breaks up and scatters around a small rural town.  Bad news, everyone in the town has a dog..or two.  That may not seem like bad news, but whatever is emanating from this space rock causes all the dogs to go totally psycho.  Our protagonists are Dave (Rob Morrow), his wife Sara (Kelly Rutherford), and their two daughters, Rosalyn (Tristin Mays) and Danielle (Carmen Tonry).  As the dogs begin going spastic, Rosalyn is camping with two friends (dog food), Pia (Mary Risener) and Alice (Mary Katherine O'Donnell).  Soon, Rosalyn is fending for herself and must avoid our canine fiends and panicked rednecks in an attempt to reach her family.
Meanwhile, Rob supervises some apple pickers and the dogs are converging on them.  Sara and Danielle have there own problems as they wander into town to see some amazing carnage.  Warning, the gore in this film is piled high and much of the imagery is disturbing.  We see little toy dogs eat the faces off their owners, and packs of dogs feasting like the walkers do in "The Walking Dead." Despite being a Syfy film, this is ominous and at no time playful, as evidenced when a very pregnant woman is pureed by dog teeth inside a phone booth.  As our family desperately tries to get back together, the town around them is absolutely overrun by these beasts.
Is this carnage isolated or has it overrun the planet?  Were any animals harmed during the making of this film? Tristin Mays emerges as the star and she is fantastic.  Direted by Eric Red and filmed near New Orleans, "Night of the Wild" is available on Netflix.  For those of you who enjoy lots and lots of gore, and more gore.....this is a film for you.