Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Long Gone, Missing Woman Carnage

Gory, scary, and shot in ominous location in Northumberland (U.K.), we will soon be able to enjoy the short horror film, "Long Gone." After 25 years in law enforcement, I can tell you that nothing keeps a cop up at night more than a missing person or kidnapping case.  We know the stats...if not found in the first ain't good.  I've been in touch with Dan Douglas, the Director, and he is excited about "Long Gone."  He has assembled a terrific and well experienced cast, and secured some really creepy locations. Stay tuned for details regarding a Kickstarter campaign that you may join in order to be a part of this production.
Much of the plot is still secret, but we do know the story will center around a missing local businesswoman.  Local police are baffled and cops working on the case also begin disappearing.  After a year, the search continues in the woods of Northumberland.  Promotional materials for this film hint at an ax-wielding madman.....can that plot device possibly go wrong?  Mr. Douglas also promises gore and scares....he definitely has no love for romantic comedies.  My imagination is already racing.  Who is this missing woman, exactly?  What evil lurks in the woods? Are we better served by letting some mysteries, stay mysteries?
The answers to the above questions will eventually be answered.  Unlike our federal government, Mr. Douglas and Producer Kate McCheyne have put together a campaign that respects our finances. Runaway spending in Hollywood has produced many disastrous and pathetic films, while film makers like Mr. Douglas and Ms. McCheyne have ran with an idea, sold it to a talented and experienced cast, and are now asking for some minimal support.  The campaign seeks less than $4,000 U.S. dollars, and has already attracted many horror fans.  To learn more about "Long Gone" and it's Kickstarter campaign click on this link Long-Gone

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