Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Navy SEALs vs. Zombies, The Zombie Apocalypse and the NBA

Okay, this film, 2015's "Navy SEALs vs. Zombies" is on Netflix as "Navy SEALs: The Battle of New Orleans." The problem with that title is that this film is set in Baton Rouge, with no mention of the Big Easy.  Now that we are past that flaw, let us examine the latest zombie apocalypse movie.  Yeah, straight to DVD quality, but we do have a zombie film that doesn't turn into a soap opera, some hunk Navy SEALs, and a perky damsel in distress.  Oh yes, former Laker and Celtic, Rick Fox as a very tall Vice President.  I should say, in this time where no candidates are looking too presidential, Mr. Fox seemed to have the appropriate stagger for a run at the White House.
Navy SEALs
The Vice President (Fox) is in Baton Rouge just as the zombie apocalypse begins.  This outbreak is localized to the Louisiana capital, but the V.P. is holed up in the capitol building with his staff and a babe reporter, Amanda (Stephanie Honore).  A Navy SEAL team is mobilized and sent in to recover the V.P. The team is led by Lt. Cunningham (Ed Quinn), and has a new member, A.J. (Damon Lipari). The SEALs reach the V.P., but the entire city is now made up of fast moving zombies.
Zombie driving a car
Uh oh, the SEAL mission has just gotten more complicated. hence the real reason for Rick Fox' visit. There is a super secret CIA lab a mile from the capital building and the scientists in it are working on a cure for the outbreak. Now the SEALs must not only save Rick Fox' political future, but also rescue the scientists and their experiments.  Evacuating survivors is job one, and the VP is put on a chopper. However, Amanda sees her chance to break the big story and elects to stay in Baton Rouge in order to get the scoop of a lifetime...if she survives.  Will our SEALs complete their mission, and also emerge from this mission fully alive?  Will the outbreak be contained to Baton Rouge, and if so, what of the future of Baton Rouge?
This film not only stars a veteran of the NBA, but the Director, Stanton Barrett, was a NASCAR driver.  In a totally unimportant thought by me, if showing up and looking good is 90% of the battle, perhaps we need to draft Rick Fox as a candidate.  Let's not get political, and enjoy this flawed but very entertaining zombie flick.

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