Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Ship of Monsters, Space Babes, Cowboys, and Intergalactic Love

...and, of course, lots of monsters! In a refreshing look on old classic science fiction plot devices, 1960's "The Ship of Monsters" (La Nave de los Monstruos), is exciting, alluring, and lots of fun. Made in Mexico, this film is a much better movie than any of the "Star Wars" films, and the damsels are, of course, a lot better looking.  Unlike most films, our male protagonist is a cowboy made up of feelings and song, and our two female protagonists wield the power and might.  Oh yes, our two female leads, Ana Bertha Lepe and Lorena Velazquez, are clad in beauty pageant swimsuits and laser guns through the entire film....need I say more?
Venus' men have all died off.  Not necessarily a bad thing.  Gamma (Lepe) is paired up with a babe from Uranus (...nope...a joke here would be too easy), Beta (Velazquez), to travel the galaxy and bring back male specimens.  Our duo succeed and find male specimens from various planets.  Unfortunately, all the specimens are grotesque monsters who would rather eat our babes than procreate with them.  No matter...mission accomplished.  Not so fast.  Mechanical failures necessitate that our beauties land their ship on Earth for repairs.  As the ship crash lands, Lauriano (Eulalio Gonzalez) mistakes it for a shooting star.  He wishes on it that a woman to love will be delivered to him.
Our sultry space babes hide their monsters in a nearby cave and discover our singing cowboy. He is overjoyed and the two aliens experience a hormone rush. Unfamiliar with love, Lauriano educates them on the meaning of love through some romantic ballads.  He even demonstrates a kiss on Gamma, and she falls in love with him.  Not to be outdone, Beta plants a big one on him, and now the two gals will experience a deadly rivalry.  Sensing she will lose out to Gamma, Beta reveals her true self as she turns into a blood-sucking, flying vampire woman.  She overpowers Gamma, imprisons her, has the monsters guard her, and begins an effort to conquer the Earth...and the cowboy. Will the monsters get loose and put Earth, and our love-struck duo in more peril? Come on...that's an easy one? Will our coy, but very musical cowboy, convince Gamma to stay with him..that is if they survive?  Will we see a cat-fight between Gamma and Beta? That's another easy one.
This film never gets dull, with lots of shots of the fiends, the two space babes, and plenty of sappy love songs from Lauriano.  Even Gamma's robot, Torr, finds love in the form of a juke box. There is laser carnage, slingshot carnage, fang carnage, and alluring poses by Gamma and Beta. This film is available, subtitled, in nice quality on YouTube.