Monday, January 25, 2016

Fatal Premonition, A Horror Fable for Bosses

It is not enough that you succeed. Nope. If your friends fail, success is sweeter. We rise, and those chumps around you fail. This makes your success seem greater. So believes Landon (David Esposito) in today's review of a short horror film, "Fatal Premonition." For anyone who has been told that his/her job is to make his boss look good, this film will strike a chord. In the FBI I was told that my priority was to help my boss achieve his best possible score on his performance review. Landon, to me, is such a familiar character.
Landon is ecstatic, he received the promotion. In exuberance he dismisses an apparent drunk (Dominik Zdzioch) on the way to his car.  His gloating isn't done. In the parking lot he meets his best friend Ed (Ryan Crepack). Poor look at Landon and he knows their friendship will forever suffer. After all, when our friends become our bosses...the friendship is flushed down the toilet. After a celebration in which Landon does not treat his friends/underlings, our arrogant protagonist dozes.  Uh oh....a dream perhaps...or maybe some ominous vision    jolts his rest.
Given that our feature today is a short, just over 13 minutes, no more plot spoilers. Suffice it to say that arrogance personified will not go unchecked by fate.  Knives, psychos, blood, and some handy slasher fare help deliver a meaningful moral in which we can all benefit from. Modern leadership classes which our bosses attend implore them to tell us that they care about us.  They don't tell them to care about us...just to tell us they do. Instead of these self-serving and worthless seminars on caring, "Fatal Premonition" should be shown. Our 21st century executives need to know their "underlings" are people and should be treated with respect.  Remember, be nice to those you pass on the way up, you'll pass them again on the way down.
David Esposito and Ryan Crepack are superb actors and also masterfully directed and wrote "Fatal Premonition."  Zdzioch as the drunk/slasher is menacing and Steve LoBiondo is superb as an employee. This film will make the rounds at the Los Angeles Cine Fest, The Online Film Fest in Miami, and the Headline International Film Festival. I saw this film on Vimeo, and for further updates  click on these links Fatal Premonition on IMDB , Fatal Premonition on Twitter , and Fatal Premonition on Facebook

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