Saturday, January 2, 2016

Raze, So Many Pretty Woman Dying So Horribly

To kick off 2016, we look at a grim, dark, gory, and violent work.  From 2013, "Raze" is our feature today.  Dozens of beautiful actresses will meet such bloody ends, in what will not go down as the feel good film of the millennium. Perhaps Zoe Bell's Magnum Opus, perhaps a gritty psychological study...whichever way you desire to look at this film, fear not, it is mostly babe versus the death!  Directed by Josh C. Waller, have some ice-packs ready as we delve into "Raze."
As our film begins, pretty Rachel Nichols is abducted after a blind date and deposited into a mysterious cell.  Poor Ms. Nichols, so pretty, she is them pummeled to death by Sabrina (Bell). Ms. Nichol's face ends up on Sabrina's fists. Sabrina is not the villain.  Beautiful women are abducted and forced to fight each other to the death.  The loser of the fights?  Well, their loved ones are slaughtered (this is not a threat, they really are).  Refuse to fight?  You die, and so do your loved ones.  The women are only in contact with sadistic guards who keep them confined, tied up, or inflict beatings on them.  Later they will be filled in on what is going on, and the answers won't serve to comfort them.  I won't provide spoilers for the plot, but I will say Sherilyn Fenn (Twin Peaks) emerges as one of the villains.
The fighters are paired up in rapid fashion.  Sometimes two fighters who have formed a bond are set on each other.  Most of our women are similarly situated, but Phoebe (Rebecca Marshall) is a total psychopath who is finally in her element.  After Phoebe breaks and pummels most of Sabrina's pals, including beautiful blond Cody (Bailey Ann Borders), we wait for the Sabrina-Phoebe match-up. Oh yes, Sabrina plots and looks for any possible way to escape.
Will Sabrina escape?  This may seem like an easy one, but the dread and pessimism conveyed by this film makes this a legitimate question.  What will happen to the last fighter standing? Will Sabrina emerge and be able to inflict her wrath upon her captors? You'll see. Some of the gore and violence will cause you to turn away, as the fighting is well choreographed.  However grim and dark, fans of this blog will love "Raze," which is available on Netflix.