Thursday, January 14, 2016

Silent Retreat, Corporate Retreat meets the Slasher

Released in the U.S. this week, "Silent Retreat" is a fantastic horror flick.  Ace Jordan made this film utilizing some great looking actors and actresses, with superb acting abilities.  Capitalizing on classic slasher plot devices, Mr. Jordan mixes them with some modern ones that will be familiar to those of you in the corporate world.  Of course, how can we go wrong with an isolated cabin in the woods, a mysterious asylum, ghosts, some good gore, and beautiful babes in much peril. Filmed at Big Bear Lake in California, the sets are beautiful.
In the not too distant past, a creepy asylum existed in the California woods.  Children were tortured, and all sorts of sordid activities involving staff and child patients caused much scandal.  Guess what. A team of six, 20 something, employees arrive at a corporate retreat at a neat lodge which just happens to be built on the grounds of the closed down asylum.  Of course, this is never good, and some really great looking characters will be put in much peril.  Our two favorite characters are Zacry (Donny Boaz) and Meigan (Rebecca Summers, aka Rebecca Pitkin).  These are the clean cut ones and their increasing attraction for each other is very cute.  Oh yes....Meigan's English accent is irresistible. Then, the sultry Lira (Devon Ogden)!  This nymphomaniac has brought her sex toy, Joel (Landon Ashworth). Lira is nude a lot, and her and Joel engage in much pre-marital sex (can you guess their fates?).
The retreat is pretty low key until Rita (Trista Robinson) is abducted...then the horror starts. We are treated to a backstory which is horrific, and it indicates that something in that old asylum has survived and is hunting our retreat participants.  But who...or what?  Perhaps a mysterious caretaker who used to work there?  Is that too easy?  Or perhaps it is a ghost which Zacry meets?  The carnage which occurred at the old place also seems to be manifesting in the present day, only the victims are not children, but our employees.
Will Zacry and Meigan's avoidance of pre-marital sex be enough to save them from the evil that lurks?  How about the cute and perky Rita?  Who abducted her and why?  The final 30 minutes of this film is packed with gory carnage and horrific plot revelations.  Ace Jordan is a fine young director, and all the actors did a sensational job, as they portrayed their characters as people that we know.  As this film has just been released, please feel free to get to know Mr. Jordan and some fine young actors and actresses by following them on social media, as follows.  Silent Retreat on Twitter Silent Retreat on Instagram Silent Retreat on Facebook YouTube Trailers Silent Retreat  

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