Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Dogged, A Horror Short in a Hyundai Santa Fe

...okay okay, the Santa Fe is only in the opening seconds of Richard Rowntree's "Dogged." The BBC ran a competition to discover new horror directors.  Over 500 talented directors sent in their work, and "Dogged" came in fourth.  Made for just 300 English Pounds, and shot in one day, Richard Rowntree has shown why we will be expecting some neat horror films from him in the next few years.  Using plot devices from some of the scariest films of the past several years ("The Strangers," "You're Next," and "Kill List"), Mr. Rowntree keeps the story crisp and original to deliver a big bang scare at the four minute mark.
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Let us be brief on the plot ( a four minute short, spoilers are just too easy). Sam (Sam Saunders) is a likable young man. To his great fortune, he is making out with a pretty gal in his car when the mood is spoiled by a mysterious peeping Tom.  But wait!  Was the intruder merely a nuisance to some fore-play....or is something more ominous at work here? guessed every few seconds the ominousness of Sam's predicament gets more and more intense.
As horror film fans, we are a few steps ahead of the hormonal protagonist.  Perhaps what eventually throws us is the ambitious nature of the menace.  Richard Rowntree doesn't stop at a cute "Boo!" to end this short, though that would have been fine.  Without betraying the plot, let us just say that there is a really creepy 90 minute horror film to be birthed by this 4 four minute jewel called "Dogged."

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