Saturday, January 16, 2016

Eden, The U.S. beats Brazil in the World Cup

...yeah right! Dream on!  In fiction, though, anything is possible.  Victors on the soccer (...or football) field will lose their innocence during our feature today.  From Malaysia, and directed by Shyam Madiraju, we look at 2014's "Eden." TEAM...Together Each Achieves More..or goes insane more..or kills more...or falls apart more... Enough of that, let us take a look at a gruesome combo of "Lord of the Flies" and "Alive"....and perhaps a dash of "Survivor" thrown in.
After beating Brazil, the U.S. team is involved in a plane crash on their way home.  15 survivors make it to a deserted island, and apparently uncharted, as well.  Thirteen players and the two hot daughters of the now deceased coach, Elena (Jessica Lowndes) and Eva (Leore Hayon) are among the castaways. Uh oh...both daughters desire pre-marital sex with athletes, but will slasher rules apply here?  Andreas (Ethan Peck), the team captain, quickly emerges as the leader.  Slim (Nate Parker), the leading goal scorer, is his right hand man...and also the sex partner of Elena.  Wait....Elena is looking for alternate sex partners...never mind that plot device for now, but it will cause some difficulties.
Water and food are scarce, and two wounded players draw Andreas' attention.  Our captain believes giving rations to the soon-to-be-dead players is a waste.  This discussion will begin a downward spiral of dissension. As some of the players steal rations, our damsels find sex partners, and sanity goes out the window, carnage comes knocking. I know, I want to know when and if our champions will resort to cannibalism.  You'll see.  As our team loses all hope of rescue, different camps are formed, which will remind us of Billy Martin's New York Yankees.
Are rescuers on their way?  Will the players on Brazil's second place team suffer a fate worse than our castaways from their own countrymen?  The acting is terrific, and the mood is grim.  "Eden" is uncomfortable at times, but stays fast paced.  Available on Netflix, see "Eden." For you soccer (...or football) fans, this may be the only chance you'll ever have of seeing the U.S. beat Brazil in the World Cup.  

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