Friday, January 15, 2016

Meosha Bean, Talented Young Horror Film Maker

Over the past couple of weeks I have been in touch with a most talented actress and director, Meosha Bean. The horror genre has seen a nice influx of young talent, which makes me and this blog very happy. Ms. Bean was kind enough to allow me to preview a couple of her short horror films, "Miss Pepper," and "Hard Requitals." These two works are quite impressive, in that they are both horrific, but for entirely different reasons.  You can find out more about Meosha at her website, just click on this link Meosha Bean
"Miss Pepper" is a poem...not really, but the film is quite poetic.  I was reminded of Edgar Allen Poe's poem "Dreams."  Meosha also stars in this one-woman horror film.  Like the Poe work, we sense a woman has given up on life, and a transition is in the process.  In the Poe work, a beautiful woman is on her death bed, and the transition is natural.  What is eerie in "Miss Pepper" is that our protagonist is healthy and talented.  Is she really in her final days?  We like her, and as a viewer we hope not. As Ms. Bean draws us into Pepper's mental state, and back story, we are reminded of how precious life is, and how vital love is to sustain it.
 "Hard Requitals" is not poetic. Mark E. Ridley portrays Dr. Harrison.  He is enjoying a very deserved day off.  Uh oh....he is about to meet a fiend who is determined to destroy all that is good in his life. Not just destroy...but torture and pull apart, as if it were a part of a graphic slasher movie. We like Dr. Harrison and his potential; demise horrifies us.  Like "Miss Pepper," "Hard Requitals" runs 14 minutes, so any more elaboration on the plot would reveal spoilers. Unlike the subtle nuances of "Miss Pepper," Dr. Harrison's fate is headed in a jerky and violent hold on tight.
Use the link above to learn more about Meosha Bean, who undoubtedly will be a very big name in horror in the near future.  By the way, she is also a fantastic actress.


  1. So very Proud on my friend Meosha.and a great director she is.Happy to have been cast..

  2. So very Proud on my friend Meosha.and a great director she is.Happy to have been cast..