Sunday, September 24, 2023

Pterodactyl, Babes vs. Dinosaur Birds

No matter how nubile you are...or beautiful...or sexy...or how many pheromones you sultry babe is above getting picked up by a dinosaur bird and being picked apart 200 feet above the ground by that monster's compadres.  Happens.  A horde of pterodactyls hover over England, hence bad things are going to happen...especially to the nubile among us.  Enter our buddies at Jagged Edge Productions as they give us 2022's "Pterodactyl," directed by Sophie Storm K.

Babes, Lyn (Danielle Scott) and Saskia (Chelsea Greenwood) are hiking in the U.K. countryside... Saskia gets ripped into little pieces and eaten by pterodactyls.  Lyn is sad and scared and runs off.  Meanwhile, Dee (Sarah Alexandra Marks) is worried that her sister, Lyn, has not contacted her.  She convinces her babe friends, Lucy (Chrissie Wunna), Carla (Sarah T. Cohen), and Betsy (Mary Kelly) to go with her to the countryside and search for her.  The friends hesitantly agree...mistake.  Once there, it is apparent that the little town is keeping a secret.  The babes go into the countryside and begin searching.  Another mistake.

The angry dinosaur birds are happy as a buffet line seems to have come to them.  The pretty will fall in bloody fashion as the birds go through them like crap through a goose.  Now Dee and her surviving (uneaten) buddies must outsmart the birds in their search for Lyn.  Lyn?  She's alive...and toughened up as she has learned survival skills the hard way.  Uh oh...the birds aren't the only problem for the remaining nubiles.  The town constable and innkeeper (Rob Kirtley and Darrell Griggs) are bent on keeping the pterodactyls secret.  They are determined to keep these monsters secret even if it means killing the babes, themselves. 

Just why do the townsfolk desire to keep the monsters a secret?  Will Lyn, Dee, and any surviving babe have a chance at surviving until the end credits?  Will one of this blog's favorite actresses (Chrissie Wunna) survive or be monsters?  This one has a lot of cheese, and some really neat bird monsters.  For a terrific creature feature from the U.K., see "Pterodactyl."

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