Saturday, September 2, 2023

Insectula! Monster Mosquito Eats Babes

Lovers of Troma, Something Weird Video, 1950s B movie scifi, and Bert I. Gordon are gonna love this one. A big monster, with a probing tentacle, invades and rips apart bikini clad or scantily clad babes.  What a plot line.  Cate Blanchett films would be a lot better if they had this plot line!  Mad scientists with German accents!  Gory f/x!  Babe scientists in short skirts and high heels running for their lives!  Tentacles shoved up...well...never mind that now.  Today we look at 2015's "Insectula!" directed by Michael Peterson.  This one also features one of this blogs favorite actresses, Sarah French in a kinky pillow fight.

An asteroid from a monster planet crashes into a lake.  This unleashes a monster mosquito which tentacles bikini babe Hanna (Hanna Hudson).  This saddens her fiancĂ©, Agent Del Delbiando (Pasquale Pilla). Now he swears revenge on the monster. The mosquito monster continues its carnage as the remains of Hanna are analyzed by EPA scientists Dr. Kempler (Harrison Matthews) and Brittany Sax (Arielle Cezanne). She's clad in a tight miniskirt and high heels. Del joins this duo.  Uh oh...Kempler is revealed to be a mad scientist with a lab at his home (Norman Bates''ll see).  In the lab he is creating a tentacled monster.  Brittany gets suspicious of Kempler and will put herself in danger by doing her own investigation.  This investigation will see her stripped to her undies and bound...yes!!!

Del, grieving, watches his next GF (Yasmin Moon) eaten by the thing. To drown out his sorrows he hires two prostitutes, Sarah (French) and Jessica (Antonia Kurtz). A kinky pillow fight ensues but when Del gets too weird, the gals depart.  Sarah and Jessica traipse away in their short skirts and high heels.  What happens next will be shocking and send you into therapy for years.  Now Kempler has an idea. He wants to serve the monster mosquito and give his "creation" to it...and presumably rule the world.  We do suspect Dr. Kempler is an agent of the World Economic Forum.  Babes will be cut in half, shredded, and...well, you'll see.  The sultry Brittany will be imperiled, stripped, tied up and...well, you'll see.  Now nukes have been authorized to fight the monster.

Will the brave Brittany Sax be soiled by either the big mosquito or the tentacled creation of Dr. Kempler?  Will the military drop a nuke on the thing?  What did happen to Sarah and Jessica that is too gross to put in this review?  See "Insectula!"  B movie fans will love it and recognize a few dozen instances of homages to some of our favorite films.  Plus, Sarah French is in it!   

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