Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Demonicus, Gladiator Shreds Hunks and Babes

So sad.  So many babes and hunks cut into little pieces.  Thanks to our buddies at Full Moon Pictures, we have a tale of an evil gladiator set loose on amorous hikers in the wilderness. Sadly, the very sultry Candace Kroslak, in her first film, will get cut into little tiny pieces early on.  There will be a lot of hunks and babes, most not faring well, all seeking pre-marital sex in their tents or in the wilderness. As we all know, gladiators can be a bit prudish and our college kids in this film will find that out the hard way.  Today we look at 2001's "Demonicus," directed by Jay Woelfel.

A bunch of college babes and hunks hike up the Italian Alps.  They break off into couples and head to a campsite.  Uh oh, James (Gregory lee Kenyon) and his sultry GF Charlene (Val Perez) find a cave.  James goes in to investigate and finds the final resting place of Tyrannus the Gladiator.  After putting on the old boy's helmet, James is possessed.  He puts on the rest of the armor and marches out the tent and shreds the beautiful sad.  He'll march a little further and shred the sultry Teresa (Kroslak) and Frankie (Dominic Joseph) as they engage in pre-marital sex.  This will be a pattern as more hunks and babes will be chopped up as they do the dirty deed.

Instead of killing the sultry Maria (Jennifer Capo), James abducts her, mistakenly thinking she's a virgin. Gina (Vanesa Taylor), a nymphomaniac teacher into role plays, figures out what is going on.  She tries to figure out where the cave is.  Meanwhile, Dino (Brannon Guild), who was dumped by a babe before the trip, teams up with Joe (Kyle Tracy) to find Maria.  Maria was dragged out of the campsite as Joe was having pre-marital sex with her...happens.  Now James is trying to reanimate the mummified remains of Tyrannus.  To do this he needs to make a stew from body parts of the hunks and babes.  Maria?  Strung up and being saved for Tyrannus' affections for when he is reanimated.  

Okay, that's enough.  Bloody and containing a lot of cheese and beef, this is a good one.  Will Maria be able to keep her impurity a secret from Tyrannus?  Will Gina be able to figure out where the cave is?  Will the sultry Candace Kroslak be brought back to life? Alas, no one is too beautiful to be chopped into little pieces.  See "Demonicus," and enjoy the babes and hunks in much peril.  

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