Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Up Against Amanda, Psycho-Babe and Hot Tub Sex

Okay, she's sultry and has a proclivity for steamy sex in the hot tub.  I understand...she's also completely psycho.  True, calling her a homicidal maniac is fair.  After all, shoving a curling iron up her psychiatrist's anus and letting it cook for an hour is not the behavior of a well adjusted babe in 2022.  Still, aren't all women psycho?  Today we look at 2000's "Up Against Amanda," directed by Michael Rissi.

Amanda (Justine Priestley) is the aforementioned psycho babe.  After eight years in an asylum for the criminally insane, she seduced her doctor (John Alan Richards) to discharge her.  Of course, her doctor wants to be paid for that and sets Amanda up in a nice house in the burbs.  Her first night there, she stuffs her curling iron up the doctor's posterior while he is chained to the bed.  Now her neighbor, Richard (David DeWitt), catches her eye.  He has great muscles and Amanda wants him.  Lucky for her, Richard is married to Laurie (Karen Grosso).  Laurie wants to make it big in Vegas and it doesn't look like her plans include Richard.

Amanda moves in as Laurie is away indefinitely.  A very hot seduction scene occurs in Richard's jacuzzi.  Of course, Richard does not know she killed his dog and wired his whole house with video surveillance cameras and has bugged his phone.  Now Laurie, sensing she did wrong, comes back to Richard.  Amanda plots Laurie's demise, and anyone else who might get in her way.  Psycho Amanda is smart and we actually like her more than Laurie.  Sure Amanda is psycho...but Laurie sings like a wounded cow.  

Will Amanda kill Laurie?  Will Richard ever choose psycho over the non-talented wife with a voice like a garbage disposal?  Are we being too judgmental in shying away from homicidal and psycho (especially if the hot tub sex is out of this world)?  For a fine erotic thriller, see "Up Against Amanda," and realize a little murder and obsession can add a couple degrees to your Jacuzzi's water temperature.   

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