Friday, February 25, 2022

Daughter of Darkness, Psycho Vampire

What do we get when we cross the creator of "Re-Animator," Stuart Gordon with Norman Bates, aka Anthony Perkins? We get a vampire film! The legendary Stuart Gordon never fails at horror. Though the plot may be classic, Anthony Perkins as the king vampire is so neat to see. Let us take a look at 1990's "Daughter of Darkness."
After her mom dies, the beautiful and nubile Katherine (Mia Sara) leaves America for Transylvania to find her missing dad. we don't know how this is going to turn out. She arrives in Romania and starts snooping, ticking off the secret police, U.S. State Department, and a clan of vampires. Thanks to a helpful, too helpful, cab driver named Max (Dezso Garas), she starts looking in the right places. Hunk diplomat Devlin (Jack Coleman) is sweet on her but tries to get Katherine to end her search. Then, with a vague address on an old photograph, she meets Anton (Perkins). Katherine won't find this out in time, but Anton is not only her dad, but also king of the vampires.
Uh oh...she also meets Gregore (Robert Reynolds), a musician and major international hunk. Again, Katherine has no clue Gregore is also a vampire. In fact, the stud is plotting to oust Anton as vampire king and take the throne, himself. Katherine, too willing to engage in pre-marital sex, makes some bad choices. When she finally does smarten up, she starts fighting the vampire clan and choosing her own love partners. Desperate to know her dad, she concocts a wild plan to wipe out the vampires and save her Anton. Along the way she will be witness to a horrific dungeon of blood donors and also be slated to become vampire queen.
Will Katherine choose pre-marital sex with the living or the dead? Can vampire king Anton be saved from the young buck Gregore? Is the vampire clan a metaphor for the reign of terror of the rule of Romanian dictator Nicolea Ceausescu? Okay, forget about deep messages, we have Norman Bates as a toothy vampire joining forces with an American babe...enough said, enjoy "Daughter of Darkness." 

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