Monday, February 7, 2022

Blood Games, Sweaty Baseball Babes in Much Peril

Major League Baseball has abandoned the American people.  They have aligned with leftist causes and abandoned the rule of law.  Baseball fans are now rare and the World Series is a non-event for the TV viewing audiences.  So, lets get some babes with great cleavage, short shorts, who sweat, and play baseball better than rednecks.  Sadly, we will get them in today's feature, but many will die sweaty, gang-raped, and humiliated.  Today we look at a surprisingly brutal and heartbreaking film, 1990's "Blood Games," directed by Tanya Rosenberg.

Barnstorming all-babe team, Babe and the Ballgirls storm into a redneck California team and destroy the town's  good-ole-boy baseball team.  The game gets rough.  Babe (Laura Albert) is stunning as she strikes out the guys.  The guys get rough and batter many of the gals.  The gals wear short shorts, and jerseys that display a lot of cleavage.  Babe's dad, Midnight (Ross Hagen) is the coach.  When the town, sort of run by Mino (Luke Shay), stiffs the gals of their winnings, a deadly brawl ensues.  Now the guys hunt the nubile babes, after killing Midnight.  Babe's sister, Mickey (Lisa Zambrano) and another gal are brutally raped.  Babe, to the rescue, shoots the offender.  Now the boys want blood, and more rape.

Back on the bus, a deadly chase ensues.  The gals are worried about Stoney (Julie Hall) who suffered a concussion during the game.  They should worry...this pert blonde will suffer an excruciating and humiliating demise by Mino's crossbow.  The guys trap the bus in a dead end and chase the team into the wilderness.  Gang-rape, crossbow carnage, and knives will do a messy job on the team.  What's left of the team are forced to fight back.  Many rednecks will die horribly, too.  Donna (Shelley Abblett) will set booby traps and some of the blondes will sunbathe nude to present distractions to their tormentors.  The ending will be vicious and bloody.

Despite the beating and humiliation these gals take, Babe and the Ballgirls are far more endearing to the cheaters that make up Major League Baseball today.  Are the redneck rapists a metaphor for the misogynistic atmosphere of todays major sports leagues?  Are nubile babes showing cleavage, wearing short shorts, and sweating a lot a better attraction than fat out of shape relief pitchers (which make up 50% of MLB rosters)?  Should the decreasingly talented "athletes" of Major League Baseball take a back seat to nubile babes with great cleavage...well, you get the point.  Arousing and ominous, "Blood Games" will give you more thrills than Major League Baseball on ESPN.

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