Thursday, February 17, 2022

Medusa, Nubile and Aroused Babe Becomes Monster

Okay...I can hear it already.  You divorced guys...shush!  I will try to refrain from labelling this film a metaphor for all women.  Just because we have a beautiful woman who becomes a man-hating monster during or after pre-marital sex...doesn't mean we have to look at this film as a metaphor for all women.  I know you divorced guys out there will disagree.  Let us take a look at 2020's "Medusa," directed by Matthew B.C. 

She's a failure...Carly (Megan Purvis).  She left the gypsy trailer park to pursue a singing career in the big city.  This crashed.  Her heroin problem did not help...neither did her choice in men.  She picked real doozies...probably dealers.  Now she is back at the trailer park turning tricks and doing low level dealing.  John (Ricardo Freitas) forced her to deal heroin and the women of the trailer park are expected to be whores.  Val (Nicola Wright) is sort of the "caring" madam of the gals.  After visiting the trailer of a weird guy, Carly is bitten on the inner thigh by a serpent.  Don't even go there with symbolism!  Now Carly is slowly turning into a monster.

Turns out a weird lady named Alexis (Jamila Wingett) owns that trailer and she is a bit of a witch...or something.  Now Carly is shedding skin, developing scales, growing fangs, and spitting venom.  Now stop it...I am not going to say "typical woman," here.  Still turning tricks, Carly starts biting her men, including John, and murdering them.  The transformation continues and Carly fast becomes a snake-woman.  She doesn't need heroin anymore as now she has a fix even more'll see.

Is there any turning back for Carly, or is she headed down a path all women head down?  Ooh!  I didn't mean to say that or imply all women are monster snakes.  As the men start dying, what will happen to the rest of the prostitutes in this trailer park?  I'm going to stop here as the temptation to make unfair comparisons and metaphors is too tempting.  For all you guys who have been bitten by women, see "Medusa," and view a familiar story.  


  1. Nice review man , you are on top of your game!

  2. I sat through this movie hoping it would get better or have more blood and gore I was 😞 disappointed with this movie it is one notch better than Black Christmas (2019) Once again I was lied to by the cover art