Friday, February 11, 2022

Terror at Black Tree Forest, Babes and Hunks Shredded by Madman

Okay, the word 'terror' might be a slight exaggeration. Still, we'll go with it in this B (C possibly) horror film.  When good looking babes and hunks venture into the woods where a maniac stalks them, this blog will be there, too. Today we look at a film with one of our favorite plots, which includes our favorite themes, 2021's "Terror at Black Tree Forest," directed by Sam Mason-Bell.  This one is from the U.K.

The brutal slaughter begins immediately.  An ill fated marriage proposal during a hike in the woods ends up being more ill-fated than simple rejection. Very bloody. Now five college chums are planning a camping trip into Black Tree Forest to catch up on old times and get slaughtered. Caroline (Amanda Bourne) a perky blonde organizes this venture and is joined by weed-smoking Molly (Ella Palmer). Also joining them is introvert, Jane (Annabelle Rich). Hunks? Yep...the annoying guitar player Will (Max Pill) and the simply annoying Simon (Omar Mahmood Legares) meet the ladies.  You may not find another quintet with any less chemistry than these peeps.

Yep, the forest has a legend of a psycho-killer.  After Will tells the story, Jane freaks out and Molly smokes more weed.  Now the maniac descends on our campers.  None of them is equipped to survive in the wilderness and perhaps, we think, this is good.  The murders commence and blood will flow.  Throats will be slashed, eyeballs will fly, and the gals will keep yelling at the guys...okay, there is some realism in this film.  As the babes and hunks dwindle in number, a question is begged.  Just who is doing the murdering?

Could one of our grouchy and entitled campers be the killer?  Will either Will or Simon see any action from one of these three nubile babes?  Will there be skinny-dipping or pre-marital sex to move the plot along?  This is a fun one.  For a neat go at a slasher film from the U.K. at a plot right out of the 1980s, see "Terror at Black Tree Forest."

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