Thursday, April 29, 2021

Murder Loves Killers Too, Fun Slasher Fare

It might be fashionable to say you dislike this film...but you'll be lying. There is not any time to hate would be an understatement and quirky would, too.  A slasher that derives inspiration from Leatherface and Michael Myers has merit...throw in nude nubile babes and clueless hunks...and gory kills...and the last kill!  Yep, you may have seen it all, or so you think.  Be advised, the very last kill in this film will be a first for you.  Let us take a look at 2009's "Murder Loves Killers Too," directed by Drew Barnhardt.

Five great looking babes and hunks drive to an isolated cabin in the woods.  This won't go well.  They, of course, are there for pre-marital sex and for the consumption of adult beverages.  No relationship scenes...enter big Stevie (Allen Andrews). He'll take Lindy (Kat Szumski) away so fast, none of her buddies will see it. What will Stevie do to the nubile, though totally insane, babe? A fate worse than death.  Stevie goes through these hunks and babes like crap through a goose. Tamra (Mary LeGault) will have time for pre-marital sex on the pool table with Brian (Scott Nadler) before they meet horrific blade deaths.  This all happens early on and most of the film is devoted to Stevie pursuing 'final girl' Aggie (Christine Haeberman).

Stevie loves meat hooks, big knives, and necrophilia with dead babes.  This will all be explained in an eerily rational scene.  We like Aggie...though all we know about her is that she is a bartender.  Aggie is chased, captured, and taunted.  She'll escape a time or two and will be horrified to find out what Stevie wants to do with her. Now that death is not the worst thing in the world, Aggie must escape her binds and flee into the woods to avoid what Stevie has planned.  Whether Aggie is able to do spoilers here. The nubile Aggie will look so good in peril as she sports a nightgown and an attitude. Oh yes...the film changes direction in the last 15 minutes...don't be fooled...the last minute will be shocking, refreshing, and high-energy.

What does Stevie have planned for Aggie?  What did Stevie do to the corpses of Aggie's friends?  Is it scary that the lack of character development of these babes and hunks doesn't matter to us? A great looking cast, a quirky slasher, and a kill you have never seen before...yep, enjoy "Murder Loves Killers Too."

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