Monday, April 19, 2021

Death Spa, Aerobic Babes Shredded by Babe Ghost

Remember those aerobic babes from the 1980s? Tight and shiny satin leotards in bright colors graced VHS videos and morning exercise shows. Who can forget Kiana Tom's "Flex Appeal"? Nubile and perky, these babes jumped around and contorted in ways to make all our juices flow.  The slasher film "Aerobicide" (aka "Killer Workout") capitalized on this phenomenon as many of these beauties died horribly. A very erotic slasher film, it why not rip it off? Well, 1989's "Death Spa" is the rip-off of "Aerobicide." Keep in mind, rip-offs are not always unneeded or unwanted. The gratuitous scenes...whether they be in the shower, tanning bed, exercise floor, locker room, or swimming pool all serve to provide the cinema we expect from our 1980s slasher films.

Blonde and naked beauty Laura (Brenda Bakke) has a mishap in the sauna. She gets locked in and scolded by a chlorine gas.  She'll recover and convalesce with her stud BF, the club manager Michael (William Bumiller). Backstory, Michael's wife, Catherine (Shari Shattuck) died a year ago after going mad and self immolating...messy. Now Catherine's twin brother David (Merritt Butrick), who runs the club's computer system, is upset Michael has shacked up with another babe. Beauties begin to fall in horrible fashion at the spa...Marci will be impaled and Linda will have her skinned burned off by acid...such a pity. Now the police are investigating and the suspects are numerous.

Michael begins getting supernatural messages from Catherine and is convinced she is back wreaking havoc on aerobic babes.  He calls in a paranormal investigator (Joseph Whipp) to check out his club. This won't go well. Now even hunks are getting ripped apart while exercising and the club's epic Mardi Gras party is coming up fast. Leotard beauties will dance...shower...jump around...and flirt as the carnage increases.  Now the supernatural element seems to increase as the club's computer system that controls everything electronic is co-opted by Catherine's spirit.

Bring back those shiny and tight aerobic leotards!  Health spas have been taken over by Silver Sneakers and classes for pregnant moms (gag me with a spoon!). Is Catherine's spirit really responsible for the shredding of the beautiful?  Is Catherine's twin, David, involved?  Does anyone seriously believe 21st century Yoga babes can compete with 1980s aerobic babes? Directed by Michael Fischa, "Death Spa" is a gratuitous and vicious horror film that may help you shed a few pounds.

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  1. Heading over to Tubi Now, bringing back fond 90s memories, they were hot.