Sunday, April 25, 2021

Dead of Winter, Slasher Shreds Geocachers

Geocaching...yawn!!! Okay, here's a confession...hunting, motorcycles, and geocaching bore me to death. Whenever the conversation switches to one of these three subjects I dive into my iPhone and play with an imaginary app. The only thing that could make geocaching mildly interesting is if there were a psycho gutting and decapitating the Geocachers.  Today we look at 2014's "Dead of Winter," directed by Robert Rice.

Ex-con, the barely sober John (Damon Runyon) lands a gig driving a school bus into the wilderness so a bunch of geocache contestants can compete in a contest for big bucks. His boring ex-GF Eve (Lisa Marcos) is one of them, as his her recent boring BF Marcus (Morgan Kelly). Also aboard are two boring lesbians (Allison Dawn Doiron and Holly Uloth), the obnoxious but likeable Bradik (James Wallis), and the lurid old guy Ben (John Boylan). There are a few others but they'll be decapitated very early. The nerds head into the wilderness and John stays with the bus to drink beer. Immediately, the first geocache nerd is felled by a boobie trap as the school bus mysteriously explodes. Now the geocache concept is getting mildly interesting.

Ben tells his folks about torturing chickens and Bradik harasses the lesbians.  The lesbians bicker and Eve gives John mixed signals as her new BF tries to protect his turf.  Perhaps they should've paid more attention to their recently decapitated pal as disembowelment and severed limbs await more of the gang. Now they're on the run through the woods but soon figure out that they are either being hunted or are being toyed with by a member of the group.  As Bradik insults the nerds more...we begin to like him more. Now John and Eve seem to rekindle the spark they had for each other  and the lesbians will die oh so horribly.  The nerds seem helpless and are obviously being toyed with.

Who is hunting the geocache contestants and does Ben's proclivity to glorify chicken torture have any relevance to the story? When Geocache nerds are not they hang out at Star Trek conventions?  The kills are gory and some of the characters are quite good. For a bloody good time with disembowelment, severed limbs, and a decapitation or two...see "Dead of Winter."

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  1. Love the photos, sets the scene for the butcher of the bbq!