Monday, April 5, 2021

Haunting on Fraternity Row, Frat Boys and Sorority Chicks Die Horribly

Hunk fraternity guys behaving badly with sultry sorority chicks...standard stuff. We have to give this film credit, the cast is terrific looking and the women in bikinis are potentially all calendar models. No charity car washes here...or volunteering at the food bank...or 5Ks for cancer...nope.  In this one our college kids go full force into alcohol consumption, marijuana, deviant pre-marital sex, and any other reason for nudity. Oh sure...a demon will join the festivities and many of the beautiful will die horribly, but not before some gratuitous misbehaving action. Today we look at 2018's "Haunting on Fraternity Row," directed by Brent Sersen.

We get a lot of character development. This is fine since that character development usually involves deviant behavior and gratuitous bikini action. Jayson (Jacob Artist) heads the fraternity having its annual luau.  This is the most coveted party on campus.  Liza (Claudia Lee) heads a sorority and she is a real doll. Liza's beau is Grant (Cameron Moulene), and he is rich and quite the beefcake. Then there is Dougie (Ashton Moio). Dougie figures out the house is occupied by a dangerous demon, but no one will believe him.  The boys accidentally discover a weird hidden room in the basement. With a little research, Dougie finds out about a mass murder that happened there...the satanic ritualistic sacrifice kind.

The luau begins and the bikini babes arrive.  The homicidal demon is accidentally summoned and it begins its possession and murder. Dames will be possessed and have their eyes gouged out during pre-marital sex...and guys too.  Grant will cheat on Liza with rival sorority chick, Kate (Melissa Saint-Amand). Kate will die horribly.  The traditional threesome with Tanner (Jayson Blair) will end badly for some sultry babes clad in blue bikinis. Oh yes, Jayson will begin a sweet relationship with kind of clean-cut Claire (Shanley Caswell).  More deviant pre-marital sex will occur and more eye gouging deaths, too. As the beautiful fall and Jayson and Claire continue making goo-goo eyes at one another, the demon gets more empowered. But wait! Babe housekeeper, Daphne (Stephanie Honore) arrives...and she knows what is going on.

Just who is this Daphne babe and will she get rid of the demon or strip and engage in pre-marital sex?  Will Jayson and Claire's sweetness allow them to survive the demon's wrath? Is this film a blunt metaphor of the misogyny and deviance of the American university system that purports to empower women? This is a deviant one with so much cheesecake and beefcake eye candy.  Take the film for what it is...a gratuitous attempt to tickle your prurient interests. See "Haunting on Fraternity Row," and enjoy some deviance and oily bikini babe action.

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