Thursday, April 1, 2021

A Dark Path, Nubile Sisters vs. Toothy Monster

It is too bad there won't be a lot of love for this film.  IMDB rates it a 2.4/10.  So right away, I was in. The last twenty minutes of this film is so beautiful.  Horror fans...Bigfoot fans...Werewolf fans...its all here.  What kind of monster we're talking about...this isn't certain.  The aforementioned creatures could lay claim to the toothy beast that will try to eat two nice looking sisters.  Eventually you will get a good look at it and toothy may be an understatement.  Let us look at 2020's "A Dark Place," directed by Nicholas Winter.

A hen party! To you stupid Americans...think bachelorette party.  Two sisters, the older one Abi (Makenna Guyler) and the free-spirited Lilly (Mari Beaseley) check into a hotel to attend the party.  Wild times...some illegal drugs and a lot of alcohol.  Abi appears to be a prude and refrains from bad behavior.  Lilly partakes with glee.  The next day they must hop into a car and drive to the airport.  Lilly still hung over and Abi disapproving of her sister's carefree attitude.  Then they get lost.  No cell signal.  When the car breaks down, the two pretty sisters are stranded in some remote and strange woods.

It'll all go south from here.  The two sisters share a moment and the reason for Abi's prudish attitude is shockingly explained.  Too late, Lilly goes missing. Abi must now search for her sister. She'll find Hanna (Thomasin Lockwood). The gal has been attacked by something.  Now Abi realizes she and Hanna are being hunted.  When Hanna is taken by a monster, Abi figures she will be taken to where Lilly is.  Abi follows and finds the torn up survivors of the monster attack.  The thing will feed and she will also see some of the survivors eaten.  Abi must act fast to save Lilly...and maybe more of the survivors. What follows is monstrous and horrific.

The ending will be controversial...half of you will love it and half will hate it.  I loved it.  So stupid elitists at IMDB!  Will Abi save Lilly?  What exactly is this toothy monster and where did it come from?  Can anything good come from babes getting wasted at some stupid and immature party?  The final 20 minutes of this film are terrific.  For a surprising good time, and a tender story of two sisters meeting a monster...see "A Dark Place."


  1. I agree!
    I don’t go by the ratings either, learned that many years ago. hate to name drop but oh well ( Siskel and Ebert At the Movies) those guys totally sucked at ratings imo😃
    I ended up watching that show as that was my internet for trailers back in those days 😂😂 I swear literally every damn film I enjoyed, they hated and would tear it apart🤦‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ was at the point that every film they hated I would go see👊🏻💥