Thursday, December 26, 2019

Voodoo Woman, The Ultimate Femme Fatale

Yep...when the dame in this film turns into an indestructible monster, one might see this as a pertinent metaphor. Sweet and seductive in one instant, horrific and vile the next. 1957's "Voodoo Woman" transcends our standard femme fatale into that monster, thanks to a mad-scientist and a little bit of voodoo. Oh yes...Mike Connors ("Mannix") is in this as the square-jawed hero who never turns into a monster...interesting.
Mad-scientist Dr. Gerard (Tom Conway) has embedded himself deep in the African jungle with a voodoo tribe. He keeps his wife, the sultry Susan (Mary Ellen Kay), as a prisoner which he will use for future experiments. He has turned the chief's daughter, Zuranda (Jean Davis) into his zombie-drone that sometimes turns into an indestructible monster bent on killing and destroying. Back in Cairo, femme fatale Marilyn (Marla English) plots. She kills some schmuck for his treasure map and intends to trudge deep into the jungle to abscond with the voodoo tribe's gold and jewels. Enter Mannix...I mean Ted (Connors). He, at gunpoint, agrees to guide Marilyn into the jungle.
Meanwhile, the pretty Susan believes her husband is about to kill her, now that the chief's daughter is his slave. Her escape attempts fail and the tribe believes she will be given to them as a white sacrifice. Marilyn and Ted make it there and the femme fatale continues shooting schmucks to death. Dr. Gerard loves this quality and tricks the homicidal babe into becoming another indestructible monster. He reveals his plan to Susan, believing Susan will be sacrificed soon, that he will breed a whole race of these fiends and conquer the world...Disney has beaten him to the punch, I'm afraid. Never fear...Mannix...I mean, here and he is buff and handsome and ready to save the proverbial damsel in much distress. As the voodoo tribe, Dr. Gerard, and our femme fatale babe seek to murder Ted and Susan, the duo must overcome incredible odds to escape, prevail, and stop Dr. Gerard's planned conquest.
Will we see a three-way cat-fight between Susan, Marilyn, and Zuranda? Will Ted call Barnaby Jones for assistance? Are the women who turn into monsters in this film mere metaphors for PMS? Perhaps a man's vision to dramatically chronicle his existence with a grouchy wife, or perhaps just some schlock 1950s B movie fun, either way, take in "Voodoo Woman," directed by Edward L. Cahn.

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  1. African black magic is powerful but sexy blondes always win.