Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Daughter of Dr. Jekyll, Gloria Talbott With Fangs

Unlike today's A-List so-called actresses, Gloria Talbott was talented and beautiful...and she made films we actually wanted to see. Unlike today's "actress"-pretenders, Ms. Talbott didn't need her face computer-enhanced to get rid of blemishes, and she didn't need surgeries to enhance various parts of her body...and she could act. Today's losers, you see many of them in super-hero films, try to pass off timed-shrieking as real acting. Gloria Talbott was, in a true sense of the term, a glamorous actress. Add some fangs and a demeanor of a werewolf and we have today's film, 1957's "Daughter of Dr. Jekyll, directed by Edgar G. Ulmer.
Janet (Talbott) will turn 21 soon and brings her fiance, George (John Agar) home to meet her uncle, Dr. Lomis (Arthur Shields). Surprise, Dr. Lomis tells her that when she turns 21, the whole estate will be hers. Another surprise...she is the daughter of Dr. Jekyll. Uh oh...Janet tells George to leave her as she fears her children will grow to be little Mr. Hydes. George loves her and refuses. Uh oh, Janet has dreams she is a werewolf ripping out the throats of nubile lasses. When Janet's pretty maid (Mollie McCard) is found with her throat ripped out, the townspeople believe Janet is the culprit. Janet is distraught as she believes she is becoming a werewolf and murdering young women.
Dr. Lomis and George are supportive and try to reassure her that she is not a beast. Uh oh, after every murder, Janet wakes up with bloody hands and mud all over her white negligee. As the townspeople organize to drive a stake through Janet's heart, more proof suggests she is indeed a monster by night. More nubile lasses will be ripped apart and more white negligees will get soiled. Now Janet pleads with someone...anyone...to drive a stake through her heart. But wait! Is she really the beast? George doesn't believe so...and don't forget...she will get a huge inheritance.
Could this beautiful and diminutive lass really turn into a fanged monster? Might her sweet uncle, Dr. Lomis, be bitter that he won't get any of the inheritance of Dr. Jekyll after Janet turns 21? If Janet does spawn little Mr. Hydes, will they be any worse than most modern day public school kids? Gloria Talbott is terrific and watching her run through the moors clad in white negligees is worth the price of admission. For a neat take on a classic horror theme, with great acting, and atmospheric sets, watch "Daughter of Dr. Jekyll."

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  1. Pulled it up and will watch it, the golden age of cinema has long died with PC and the criminal act of digitally wiping out what is today considered offensive.