Sunday, December 8, 2019

Godmonster of Indian Flats, Baa Baa You Mutant Sleaze Ball

Siss...boom...baa! Yep, that is the sound a sheep makes when it explodes. Okay, what sound does a sheep make when it mutates and grows to 12 feet tall with a thirst for blood? It's hard to describe but it is similar to the roaring sound made by a great white in "Jaws the Revenge." Unlike the clown community, the mutant sheep community hasn't had to worry too much about Hollywood giving them negative images. In fact since 1973, no films were made about ravenous mutant sheep...hence 1973's "Godmonster of Indian Flats." No really...I'm not kidding.
There is so much here I am going to leave out large chunks of the plot. Suffice it to say, drifter and sheep lover Eddie (Richard Marion) awakes in a sheep pen. Also waking up with him is a grotesque and pulsating embryo of a sheep...I hate when that happens. Fortunately Professor Clemens (E. Kerrigan Prescott), a mad-scientist, just happens to have his secret lab next door. With the help of his nubile and perky assistant, Mariposa (Karen Ingenthron...really), they bring Eddie and his embryo to an incubator inside the lab. Eddie and Mariposa fall in love and have pre-marital sex, and the embryo grows to a 12 foot monster sheep. Clemens determines phosphorous gas emanating from the closed silver mines is playing havoc with the DNA of sheep herds in the area.
Okay...we won't touch on the intrigue that is the other part of this film. Suffice it to say, a corrupt posse, a mining executive, Madam Alta's (Peggy Browne) brothel, and a weird sheriff and mayor will all head to the lab with guns and tear gas. In an unfortunate misdeed of justice aimed at the mining executive, the mutant monster is spooked and gets loose. Carnage and scares follow as the hideous thing seems only answerable to the nubile Mariposa who is eager to caress it and talk sweet nothings to it...really. As the violent horde closes in, a really stupid and far-fetched idea comes to the mind of the town's mayor that may be an even worse fate than death for the monster.
Will Mariposa's bond with the creature put a strain on her relationship with Eddie the drifter? Will the rampage of the monster sheep destroy the plans the city officials have for it? How about our mad-scientist? Could his experiments hold the secrets of creation (that's what he claims) or hurry up man's ruination? This is a good one and many of the plot devices not mentioned here will cause you to scream out, "Are you kidding, is this for real?" It is real and feel free to enjoy a quirky horror tale directed by Frederic Hobbs, "Godmonster of Indian Flats."


  1. My first impression, I love it. My last impression, love it even more. Tongue firmly in cheek, question is, where do you find these gems of film?

  2. Great review! I didn’t see it but I’m gonna try and find it. Dare I say... pirate? - cannot be held in a court of law. Thanks Mr. Zisi! - Annie F

  3. Waking up in a sheep pen next to a sheep embryo makes me wonder if Eddie was doing more than just sleeping?😂 Seriously though, I think I would have saved my money for other projects.