Sunday, December 22, 2019

Horror Hospital, Deviant Mad Doctor

We all know the frustration when our superiors do not let us use humans instead of animals in our experiments. Prudes! University science labs and medical colleges are stalled because of this archaic mindset. President Franklin Roosevelt sanctioned human did...well never mind. In our film today we meet a mad doctor with the same frustration...but he does something about it. Hence 1973's "Horror Hospital."
Okay, as our film opens, two schmucks trying to escape Dr. Storm's (Michael Gough) hospital .are beheaded by a limo. Storm is a mad-scientist who labotamizes young babes and hunks in order to...well, you'll see. Back in London, stressed out rock musician Jason (Robin Askwith) needs some R&R and he sees an ad for Dr. Storm's place. He goes believing it is for R&R and meets the nubile Judy (Vanessa Shaw) on the train. Judy is headed there to visit her Aunt Harris (Ellen Pollock). Aunt Harris is Storm's assistant. No one is expecting them so Judy and Jason are given the same room where gratuitous showers and pre-marital sex will start immediately.
Harris doesn't want her niece there and soon she is abducted by Storm's goons and prepped for surgery. Jason desperately tries to find her and will engage in deadly combat with Storm's men before he is also imprisoned. We meet Storm's experiments and they are all athletic zombies, including the ravishing Millie (Barbara Wendy). After seeing what Storm does with Wendy, we gasp at what Judy's fate is about to be. As Jason thinks up daring escape and rescue plans, Storm's other assistant, the dwarf Frederick (Skip Martin) emerges as an ally. The final 20 minutes will be shocking especially when let in on the terrible fate of Millie.
This film might have received an X rating because of the male frontal nudity, and deviant and perverse sex be warned. Just who is Dr. Storm and what exactly does he have planned for Millie and Judy? Is Jason smart enough to rescue Judy and escape, and should he trust the evil dwarf? Okay, I guess we have all asked that question looking at our own daily predicaments. How does a limo decapitate escapees? Bloody, deviant, and disturbing, "Horror Hospital" (directed by Antony Balch) is a film that will stay with you whether you want it to or not with some of the most shocking images you will ever want to see.


  1. Horror hospitals and dwarfs and perhaps sexy nurses,it has all the right ingredients,oh and the sex, i'm bought. Great one.

  2. I need to see this one. I can even imagine what it would be like if Vincent Price were in the title role. This is one of the type of films I used to frequent at the drive ins. So bad it was enjoyable!