Saturday, December 14, 2019

Stripped Naked, Exotic Dancers and Assassins That Hate Them

Pure 1970s gratuitous exploitation, there is nothing like it., I mean exotic dancers in much peril from evil criminal forces...poetry! No morality tale of young women doing anything they have to to pay for college, or their daughter's life saving operation. No, just pure nymphomaniac exotic dancers hustling and behaving badly. Oh yes...this 1970s style grindhouse epic is 2009's "Stripped Naked," directed by Lee Demarbre.
Cassie (Sarah Allen) is a sultry exotic dancer slugging it out with her stupid BF Jack (Jon Cor). He wins and now she is on the side of the highway. She makes it to a truck stop looking for a ride and a charged cell phone and Banger (Luigi Seracino) invites her into his car. As another car pulls up, Seracino implores Cassie to hide on the floor, she complies. What follows is a shoot-out of a drug deal gone bad leaving Cassie as the only survivor, now equipped with $90K, a lot of crystal-meth, and a nice car. Call the cops? Not Cassie! This beauty has plans...go to Paris with the dinero. Exotic dancers aren't the brightest bulbs in the chandelier and we will watch Cassie make so many questionable decisions.
Unbeknownst to Cassie, a crime-lord wants the drugs and money back...go figure. A ruthless assassin, Roddy (Mark Slacke) is dispatched to find them. The homicidal maniac begins a deliberate search and as he gets close, Cassie's buddies are killed horribly. As nubile stri...I mean exotic dancers fall, Cassie is bent on preserving her seemingly good fortune and absconding with it to Paris. Uh oh...Cassie's BF Jack is back and he rips her off and tries to buy a body shop with the cash. Now Cassie's lover becomes her prey as she becomes as ruthless as Roddy. After several gruesome killings, some lesbian make-out scenes, Cassie is on the verge of emerging the winner. But wait! Not all is as it seems, and our ruthless dancer may have more enemies than she imagined.
Sarah Allen is terrific in a seedy but cunning role and we will see her do anything to prevail. Will Cassie make it to Paris? What exactly did happen during the shoot-out that opened this film? Are two lesbian exotic dancers making-out really what we want to see in a movie? Okay, that last question is a stupid one. For some gratuitous fun where a whole bunch of schmucks die horribly, enjoy "Stripped Naked."

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  1. Two naked lesbians dupe the bad guys, go to Paris and open up a cafe, and do exotic dances in the basement, wow, my kinda movie!!